Friday, July 31, 2009

here comes the individuality

Until now, Moose has never shown an interest in clothes - at all. He wears whatever I put him in.
Monday night, he was out of clean jammies so we put him in this Elmo PJ shirt I picked up at a garage sale (sans pants) and some shorts. Fine and dandy, right? Yeah, until I realized he was sweating his butt off in it. He was IN LOVE with this shirt from the time I showed him that Elmo and Dorothy (the goldfish) were on it. Well, when I realized he'd sweat too bad in it, I had Big A take it off him so I could cut the sleeves off. For those 2 minutes, you'd have thought the world ended. But I get the shirt back on him and he's happy as a clam.
The next morning, I get him
out of his crib, change his diaper, and proceed to dress him. Shorts on, time for the shirt....nope, can't get him to take off "Elmo." I figure, oh
Luckily for me, Moose LOVES bathtime so Elmo came off at that time and disappeared down the stairs to be washed. So until the next installment of Elmo, I will enjoy that Squirt is too young to care about what he wears...even when I put him in ridiculously long socks because the weather is chilly and I don't have pants for him to wear (ok, I have a few pairs but not many to match stuff...I mean, I have kids in July...who needs long pants in July??).
well, it's a shirt. So I let him keep it on while we go to Wal-mart. All day, he pulls at it like in the picture, to show me where "Dorty" is and to tell me Elmo is on the shirt, too.


EmmaP said...

maybe he sees you dress the baby, and it has made him pay attention to his own clothes a little more... and plus, elmo IS really awesome! :)

mommy4life said...

Ha! Let me guess? Moose must me 2! My 2 year old daughter loves her Dora nightgown and made me put it on her for her nap yesterday!

Thanks for stopping by on Tuesday for my SITS day!

ChickenLittle said...

Z just loves having coats on, always has, even when it's hot. :)

angie said...

Look at those cuties patooties. And, isn't just plain wrong to need pants in July. :)

Aubrey said...

SO cute! They are just too adorable!

What size is Moose again? I have some fall stuff I put away that my little one outgrew. I think it's 4T. Let me know!

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