Friday, November 7, 2008


Now, I know that I have the best kid in the WORLD (as I know each mom out there knows the exact same of their child/children), but this is insane, I think. My Moose LOVES to go to bed. I mean it, he LOVES to go to bed.
Around bedtime (8:30 or tonight 7:30 because he got up early), he gets cranky & irritable. We ask him, "Do you want to go night-night?" Almost instantaneously his mood improves. He stands up, goes to either myself or Big A and starts waving and saying, "Buh-bye, buh-bye."
I distinctly remember recall him a week ago, laying on the floor by the couch, sucking his thumb. I asked if he wanted to go to bed, he sat up, stuck his tongue out like a happy dog, and went straight to the stairs before I had a chance to stand up. It was SO fast.
This is crazy, right? Don't most kids HATE going to bed? I mean, I am totally NOT COMPLAINING! I love this (well, I manage the 6:00 wake-up cry). I think he just knows he wants to be in his quiet room to sleep. Big A is sort of the same way, just likes to get his sleep. Me? I stay up and read half the night. But are there other kids like this, that just love to go to bed, to go to sleep?


Tiffany said...

I hope that someday when we have little ones, they will do the same thing. I hope that this just isn't a phase for you either. God only knows that very few of us wanted to go to bed at 7:30pm during our middle school years. Funny how we're eager for that sort of bedtime in our 20's and older!


Kelsey said...

That is my kind of kid!! I WISH A loved going to bed, I always end up sitting there and singing for 15 min before she actually will stop thinking of excuses of why she needs me.

Is it wrong that I hope my kid's favorite activity will be nap time? It sure is mine!

Tiffany said...

Awwww, sweet boy.

youme's mommy said...

awwe, what a cutie.

Well, we aren't going to be around today because we have a TON of errands to run for Jeff's recital. He needs a haircut, we have to get copies of programs made, more stuff for the food, etc.... But again, I hope you guys can come on Sunday! Have fun at the game.

Nicole said...

enjoy it.

my LO goes usually with no problem to bed and I am glad we really have the screaming or crying, it makes life such a big step easier.

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