Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wordless wednesday

Ok maybe not wordLESS Wednesday but the picture is definitely worth 1000 words!
I'm not going to lie & say this unemployment thing has been totally sucky. Big A has been home so much more & Moose is getting to hang out with Daddy that much more. It's so nice! So today when Big A went to work for a friend, I really didn't want him to go. I know we need the money & he has to go, but ugh...just lounging around the house, him scouring the Internet for jobs and hanging out with us has been really nice.
But I know someday very soon, Big A will find a job and will have to go back to work for the majority of the day. But if nothing else, I know this tough time has had some silver lining behind it.
We've been to the park and library together, and got to bake some cakes for the party (well, Big A baked, I decorated). And hopefully tomorrow or Friday we'll get to have some quality hang out time with our friends.

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ChickenLittle said...

I got spoiled with Shane being home during the summer...I wish he could still be home. I miss him, as does Z! :(

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