Monday, July 28, 2008

family BBQ fun

This past weekend, my mom put together a family BBQ for my Grandma Marilyn, Big A, and my Uncle Rick's birthdays. This is the first of family get-togethers in awhile and the first where everyone actually showed up (or at least most people). Usually my one cousins may make an appearance but that's about it.
We left here around 1 on Saturday & made it in time to pick up my great grandma, Maxine, to bring her to the BBQ. She sure was talkative! I can imagine though that she gets lonely living by herself in an apartment building. And she does adore Tristan!
When we got to my grandma's house, we helped set out food while my Dad manned the barbecue. Everyone was assigned to bring something - we took our famous homemade cheesecake lovingly made by my husband this time. So good! There were hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni & potato salad, 2 types of devil's eggs, baked beans...yummy! Then for dessert we had birthday cake, cheesecake, & ice cream. Oh yeah! I
played hostess, asking if everyone had drinks & serving the ice cream & heading the clean-up crew. The only thing I didn't do was...well, cook anything, or help wash dishes. And now that I'm thinking of that, I think that fell on my grandma. Darn it, I really would have helped had I realized that been the case.
Anyway, there were 2 baby pools & a swingset. My dad brought a bubble gun, there were water guns (which lead to a fight between my mom and my younger sister). Overall, I had such a great time.And all of the great-great grandchildren were there!
I got to see my favorite cousin, Sunshine, and her baby, Tall Boy! And I finally got to meet Tall Boy's dad - he's been with Sunshine for about 2 years and I hadn't met him.
*On this note, do you think it's weird that she's 22 and he's over 40???*

By the time all was said & done, everyone headed home. We slept on the living room floor while my mom slept out in the camper she had brought up for us (we said we'd sleep out there; I think she just thought we didn't want to sleep out there?!?! I don't know). Moose fell asleep around 11PM!

The next morning, we got up around 7 and ate some breakfast. We headed to church at 10, pancake feed at 11:30, headed for home around 1:30. We were supposed to meet up with one of my high school friends, but she didn't answer when I called (nor has she called back or emailed) so I guess she was busy.
When we got home, we headed out to Mrs. Spiderleg's parents' house for her nephew's birthday party. We got to swim for about an hour, then we headed home. BUT we made last-minute plans to have our friends who were down in Atown to pitch in for some pizza. SO it was a late night again. It would have been more fun had it been planned sooner. We wouldn't have planned it at all but one of our friends just got back from China so we really wanted to see him (not that we didn't want to see everyone else, but you know...) & hear about China (which we never did).
Today Moose & I are doing laundry (he doesn't look too happy about it, though, now does he?) a
nd just chillin. Now tomorrow night we head to Illinois.


yumi's mommy said...

Busy Family!!!

Lori said...

sounds like you had a busy, yet fun weekend

Nicole said...

Looks like a fun BBQ. Thats about the only think I like the summer, spending time with family at BBQ's.

Lill said...

I know what you mean by family showing up. The last time my family got together my Dad passed away. Birthdays & weddings, and stuff like get the people that are always there & you get the people that will come to this person's house but not that person's, know what I mean? All silly....then everyone regrets not going sooner or later.

And.....I love BBQs myself!

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