Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summertime BBQs

Today was our first BBQ of the summer! It was so nice to sit in the shade & eat good food while Tristan took a nap in the house. This BBQ was at the J Crew house; they had a TON of people there. Dad J pastored (is that a verb?) at church today & they invited a lot of their friends to come to the service too. That equaled a lot of children at church. It was nice to see so many pews filled, but different to share the nursery. Moose seemed to like watching the little girls play around in there, though. I like getting him around other kids; he does pretty well. Jorja is really good at sharing & playing with him...just sometimes he tries to lean on her or she'll try to pick him up. Very cute but doesn't quite work.
But the cook out was great fun. The A-Fam came too and so did TA's brother & fiance, H. I like her a lot so we chatted it up. I got to chat with S, too, & hear about her new job with Crusades. I did get to talk with a few moms (I don't think I ever caught their names; one's daughter was A & the other's husband was John...I'm so bad with learning names). It's nice to hear that some of the things I'm going through as a mom, other moms have gone through (of course, I know that, I just don't have very many mom friends so I don't get to bounce things off of other women often).
It was such a nice day in the shade. Felt great to be outside. A nice, lazy summer day (lazy because we slept for a few hours later). Don't let me forget the good food.
I wore my new halter dress (with a tank top underneath to avoid the massive cleavage that could have been provided through the incredibly low-cut top). It was kind of hot, though, because it was a long skirt. Still very cute & super comfy!
Chatted with my sister earlier, too. She basically said we're dumb for not giving Moose a sippy cup. I think I've talked about this before how we want to go from the bottle to a real cup. Kids use sippys to graze and I just don't think that's good for teeth. But my sister tried to claim that even our mom used a sippy cup when she was younger. I doubt that. But sometimes I can take advice from single people without kids if they have been around kids a lot, but my sister hasn't. So for her to say that although I'm not pushing for Moose to grow up fast that I'm basically making him do so by skipping the "sippy phase," really made me mad. Are we the only ones who don't give their kids sippy cups? Eventually they all have to use real cups anyway, right? If T doesn't do well with a cup and he's not getting enough fluids, sure we'll give him a sippy. I don't know, I just think they are unnecessary and parents use them for a convenience. Which is fine, they prevent spills, and I appreciate that. I'm not saying that they are bad, I just would rather not use them. Or at least let him get used to a cup first and then switch between the two. Is that mad?


kathy said...

Great blog Randi!

It was great to have you guys on the homestead...thanks for coming!

Please keep in mind those moms usally have a nursery to take their babes to, so the morning was a little stressful. We all need some grace from time to time in our mommyhood:)

Hope you're having a great week!

BeckyDittmer said...

Last night we had an anniversary celebration at my nine-month old nephew, was drinking out of glass...course we hold it for him and he still takes his bottle, but its so cute and fun...I never thought about it before but I think the ability to master teh cup first and then using the ease of the sippy when traveling a great idea.

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