Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LONG walk

Today was MOPS playgroup at a park across town at 10ish. So around 9:15 or so I decide we'll walk there and stop by the bank & library on the way to and from. I slather the boy with sunscreen & off we go. We stopped at the bank about halfway there & put A's check in the bank & talked to our favorite banker! We got to the playground a little bit after 10. By this time, Tristan is just tired. He was up at 7:45 & hadn't taken a nap yet. So we talked to our friend TA & I let him climb some of the stairs on the playground and go down the little slide. Then he was hungry so I gave him a bottle. He decided to be cuddly & lay on my shoulder until he heard baby R crying (TA's daughter) & so he played with her a bit. Then we sat around with his little "girlfriend," J. A little after 11 we decided to head home. We stopped by the library (which is about halfway home) & got a few Dr. Seuss books, a movie for Moose (Peter Pan), & a movie for me (Oklahoma!). About 3 blocks from home....he fell asleep. Doesn't it always happen that way. So I'm all showered up and ready for a nap myself. I'm going to take the car along our route to see the actual distance but I bet it was anywhere from 4-5 miles. Jeez louise!

Edit: It was 4.5 miles or thereabouts!! yay!

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insane mama said...

I love Oklahoma!
and I love taking the car to see how far I have walked.

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