Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The big birthday bash

Here's the deal. We're having a small birthday party for Tristan, so I'm making cupcakes & a cake. The theme of this party is the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The cupcakes will be (fairly) simple.
Frost some cupcakes yellow and use yellow Jelly Bellies to make them look like corncobs.

The hard part will be the cake. I bought a small cake pan to make a baby-sized cake. However, I want to frost it with the Nebraska "N" on it. I'd love to write Huskers like they do but I know that will NOT work. Any ideas on how to make this "N" turn out well?

I did think about making him a football-shaped cake, but I don't have a football-shaped pan.

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kathy said...

Happy early birthday to the T man!

We had a football party for Shep's 2nd birthday. All I did was cut a square cake into the shape of a football (I froze the cake so it would cut better.)And did the same for his "little" cake.

For the "N" you could cut out the letter and trace it with a toothpick on the cake and then fill in the lines with frosting.

Hope that helps!

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