Tuesday, May 6, 2008

is it Tuesday?

Yesterday A & I went to a car dealership in the O to look at a super cheap '07 Caliber. It's so nice; the SXT style or whatever. But unless this other guy buys our Taurus and the car guys take the payments down to what we can pay (without stretching our loan out 90some months) we can't afford it still. But oh it'd be nice. I've never owned a vehicle that nice...and probably never will if we don't get it. But it's in God's hands.

No word really on jobs. Hopefully we'll be hearing something soon. I'll keep you updated.

We had a play date today with Moose & Miss J. We had a picnic lunch at the park here in town. Then Miss J and Moose swung for about 2 seconds each. There was a little slide thing for little tots, so they played on that. I held Moose as I slid him down & then he climbed the stairs. By that time he was getting tired (and I mean TIRED). So we headed home for nap but when we were leaving, Miss J's feet got ahead of her & she fell on the wood chips. Her little cheek got scraped up - poor baby.

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