In 2010, I lost 50 pounds while running and eating healthy-ish. I love to run but through a foot injury I've also found I love to lift. I say everyone should work out but it doesn't have to be the same work out. Find what you love, then stick with it!

medals from our first half marathon September 2010

Here I go again! I'm up 20 pounds from pre-pregnancy (which was up about 5-10 pounds what I'd like to be). Keep up with my second weight loss journey...whenever that starts. :) 

LL Cool J's Platinum Workout - LL Cool J
Run Like a Mother - Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea
Train Like a Mother - McDowell & Shea
Tales from Another Mother Runner - McDowell & Shea 

DVDs & YouTube channels
Tracy Anderson
Shaun T (I've only done Insanity)
Jillian Michaels
Jessica Smith

Please contact me with any questions about weight loss, running, or fitness in general. 

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