Tuesday, October 31, 2017

CSB Bible - Reader's Edition (book review)

In 1550, Edito Regia was published by Robert Estienne. It featured the chapter and verse numbers we are familiar with in Bibles. I love the idea that if I say "John 3:16," it can be easily found in the Bible. 

However, I have sometimes found this system limiting in my reading of the Bible. It can make it seem more laborious than it is. "Oh, I've read 2 chapters!" That seems like a lot but two Bible chapters differs from two chapters in Little House on the Prairie or The Hobbit. But my head knows chapters are long, so it seems laborious. 
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Sometimes verses are split in half and sections are chopped up with headings. It can be difficult to trace a "therefore " back to its original subject. 

Much of the New Testament are epistles, letters. They don't look like letters with the chapter and verse numbers. 
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I have enjoyed the uninterrupted reading in the CSB Reader's Bible (CSB = Christian Standard Bible) for a few months now. Reading two pages is like reading two pages (with small print still)! Passages are not oddly broken up! I just feel like it's easier to read this Bible. 

I do have to beware of fast reading! I am a fast reader and can skim a page and get the gist. However, Bible reading is not college reading. I have no timeline and no test. I don't need to rush and rushing, in this instance, can be detrimental. I may miss something small that God wants to magnify in my application of a certain passage. So I must not speed over the awesome Word. 

Overall, I have enjoyed this CSB Reader's Bible. I plan to continue to do much of my reading out of this Bible. I don't use it for Bible studies due to ease of finding corresponding verses. I love to use it partially in my own study of the Bible when I read through a book to get an overview. It's great to have a more uninhibited read through!

You can purchase the CSB Reader's Bible through the CSB website or via Amazon Smile (and support my favorite seminary EBS).

Disclaimer: I received this Bible in order to write an honest review. My opinions are my own and may differ from everyone else's opinions. 

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