Monday, August 7, 2017

Good vs. Evil: what horror movies can teach us

I have seen my fair share of horror movies...but not for several years. They give me the creeps and nightmares. I am already a worst-case-scenario kind of a thinker so that just makes things worse, so I try to avoid them. I have been intrigued by a few the last several years, including Annabelle: Creation, which releases August 11, 2017.

The synopsis, without giving too much away (nothing you can't get from the trailer, which I couldn't even watch all of), is about parents who lose their little girl in a horrible tragedy. In their grief, they try to bring her back. This movie portrays possession of a doll and that's about all I can tell you because the trailer creeped me out.

As Christians I think we tend to stay away from horror movies, but in doing so, sometimes we stay away from their messages. Messages such as

-evil is real! There is a spiritual battle going on all around us! I don't pretend to understand it completely but I know it's real. I've felt the battle going on inside myself during a battle with depression.
-possession is real! We may not see it much here in our Western culture but it's real and it happens. We must be careful not to open doors to spiritual attack such as Ouija boards, tarot cards.
-grief is real! It's so hard when you lose a child or go through a tragedy. We are weak in those times and while we hope our faith is strong enough to sustain us, we need to be sure to be with a body of Jesus followers to help us through those times. It's hard to be that vulnerable with people but their prayers can uplift you and hold you accountable.
-prayer is real! Sometimes we act like God is a genie, waiting to do our will, but prayer really does work. Not always in the ways we want it to, but His will be done.

I have also included some features from Grace Hill Media in promoting the lessons in this film. I don't want to promote the film itself for my sake, but feel free to watch it if you can handle it!

 Annabelle: Creation opens August 11 in theaters. I won't be seeing it but wish I could just see the ending. I know good triumphs evil - because He always does! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Disclaimer: I received these features from Grace Hill Media. All opinions are my own as I have written. I agree with the lessons we can learn from horror films and that we need to be very careful while grieving. Others may have varying opinions.

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