Friday, March 31, 2017

Fandago gift card winner!

Thank you to you all for entering my "The Zookeeper's Wife" Fandago gift card giveaway. I'm excited to announce that the winner picked by is....

Amanda Kaeb!

I loved her answer to my question: who is your female hero?

I just started listening to this book too ... While I run! What are the chances?!? So funny. 
I've always admired Sabrina Wrumbrand. She was the wife of pastor, Richard Wrumbrand, during the communist take over of Romania. In his memoir he recounts a time when he was faced with the decision to support the communist agenda or stand up for Christ and face certain imprisonment, torture, and probable death (which would obviously leave her abandoned and alone to raise their son in a very scary and unstable time). He writes about how he turned to his wife and said (something to the effect of) "Sabina, I can't stand up now, you know what will become of me" to which she responds "you must stand up, for they are spitting in the face of Christ. I'd rather have a dead husband then a coward."
Woah! Just woah! What a fearless woman to stare down the face of the enemy and stand for Christ without waver! (They were both imprisioned and tortured multiple times over the course of several years for their resistance to the communist agenda and continual preaching of the gospel)
By the grace of God if I could only be half the woman Sabina Wrumbrand was. 

 I loved it because that's not someone I've ever heard of and I love hearing of new people to inspire me. All of your answers were pretty amazing - Amy Carmichael, Ruth (from the Bible), Amelia Earhart, Kara Tippits (her blog Mundane Faithfulness is amazing...following her journey through cancer), Mother Theresa, and Betsy's SIL Kirby (she sounds courageous!!). Thank you all for your responses. Check back again for more giveaways (hopefully).

Disclaimer: I will contact the winner and she will receive the gift card as soon as I get it.

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