Thursday, February 9, 2017

Race to Win (movie review + giveaway)

I was an avid watcher of the original Beverly Hills 90210 as a child (don't judge me). That's where my love of Luke Perry kicked in, aided immensely by the movie 8 Seconds. I've seen very little of him over the past decade so was pleased to learn he was in the movie "Race to Win."

However, my disappointment kicked in when he DIED (not a spoiler - in the movie description) at the start. He was off and on during the rest of the film but not in a main character way that would showcase his acting. So if you're looking for a Luke Perry film; this is not the one you want.

BUT! That doesn't mean you should write this movie off entirely. Danielle Campbell plays his daughter who rallies things together on their ranch so they don't have to sell it to the bad guy. I don't want to give too much away because it is a good movie to watch, but just know there are trials!

Another disappointment is that there is no mention of God in this movie. I was expecting that because of the company I received the movie from. They "pray" but it's more to the dead father, so that's a little weird. They don't attend church; this is definitely not a "Christian" movie. That being said, there aren't curse words and the bad guy isn't a scary type (it's not an intense movie).

Give this a shot because there is redemption in this movie. It's quality made, the acting is good, the story line is perhaps predictable but still a good one.

I have one (1) DVD of "Race to Win" to share with a lucky reader!
To enter, tell me what show you watched when you were in junior high.
One entry per person (with a valid email so I can contact you)!

Disclaimer: I received this movie in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own and may vary from others'. Giveaway is for 18 and over with a US address. Void where prohibited.

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Stephanie Hill said...

When I was in junior high I watched the animated series 'Doug'

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