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Batgirl at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee (audio book review)

Anyone who knows my family, knows we love superheroes (or, in my husband's case, tolerate them). We've been almost every well-known superhero for Halloween (I've been Wonder Woman 3 times in various forms):

Other than a few stints as Star Wars, Mario, and Scooby-Doo characters, this is us. We read a lot of superhero books (as in, I read to the kids, I don't read my own...) and we've learned a LOT about characters, both popular and totally obscure. It can be ridiculous sometimes but it's fun, too. There are a lot of books about teamwork and you can see how Batman has changed over the years (from no low voice to really deep voice, from caring and kind to selfish - I'm talking to you, Lego Batman - boo).

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One thing I really dislike about superheroes is how they dress the women superheroes. Yes, in 2010 I wore Wonder Woman underwear over tights for Halloween (I was on a weight loss high...forgive me), but as I've matured, my boys are growing up and now my daughter is, too - I don't want them to see the revealing clothing most super girls wear!

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 I am very thankful for the new "DC Superhero Girls" line! The dolls, the books, the show (which I haven't seen myself) for the simple fact that the girls (although still lacking in diverse -and realistic -body types) are dressed! Wonder Woman wears a costume that covers her parts!

All that to say, I was very happy to received this "Batgirl at Super Hero High" by Lisa Yang audiobook. It's good and I love that it's an audiobook. Although my husband claims audio books aren't really "reading," he's wrong. It is reading and it's allowing you to just read in a different way. I like to listen to audio books while I exercise or cook. We can listen to this in the car together! And my boys don't realize these are geared toward girls - and I won't be the one to tell them!

I really like Mae Whitman as the reader. You may know her as Amber from the TV show Parenthood or even before as the president's daughter in the movie "Independence Day" (thank you Imdb for that quiz factoid). She has a nice voice and does a great job reading.

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I love the character Barbara Gordon - she's really smart and has no super powers. She's a genius and uses her brains to survive at Super Hero High. A great read (and its companion books "Wonder Woman at Super Hero High" and "Supergirl at Super Hero High" are worth 7 AR points) for any kid (or parent) who loves super heroes! You can find the paper book here.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own and may differ from others' opinions.

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