Monday, December 5, 2016

September (picture overload!)

  Princess "driving" cars around. She's her brother's sister.

My fantastic group of IF:table girls. Please learn more about IF:table - it has been such a spiritually enriching and encouraging time with these women (a few of whom I knew very little of before meeting together).

Go Big Red - cutest Husker supporters!

I gave her a devil's creme pie thing - gross.

We vacationed at the zoo for a day with some dear college friends of ours. Their youngest and our youngest are about a month apart. Last time we saw them was the day before Princess was born.

butterfly pavilion. Squirt so wanted one to land on his finger - no such luck.

Not sure what she thought of the goats

the babies were good sports, being chauffeured around all day

 Then we hit up the children's museum. We love this place! It's been several years since we've been there. 

Moose at one of our first times at the children's museum

Moose on our current museum trip; 
I have a picture of him on this very motorcycle;
 I just can't find it! 


Princess loves when I sew on a machine; she is fascinated with the needle movement. I finally finished her birthday gift...2 months late - a book of colors. So fun to make but it took me forever! 
I even had to learn some hand stitches. 

We went camping on another family vacation. Squirt liked to climb the trees (with help).

My outdoor girl loved this camping stuff!!

I got to take my family to a drive-in! I grew up going to drive-in movies in the summer but the one I grew up going to got taken out by winds one summer and never re-built. boo. I was just thrilled to be able to take my family to something so special to me!

And they weren't showing a new movie but a good old one, Twister! Big A loves Helen Hunt and this movie PLUS they had the Paxtonmobile with one of the Dorothy things in the back like in the movie. The boys thought that was cool.

When we got back from vacation, we got a kitten. His name is Spotty. He is lovable! 

He's been so sweet and patient with Princess. I love when animals are gentle.

We love to Facetime with my sister! And mom! And dad! And other sister!

Where's Princess??

September was a really good month for us, just being together as a family before the real busyness of the school year picked up.

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