Thursday, December 1, 2016

really belated July update

It's been so long since I've written about our family!

July - birthdays galore! July is really best shown in pictures.

Moose turned 9. NINE! I don't know why birthdays just knock the wind out of me each year but each year added just seems impossible. And yet here I stand, with a nine year old. A wonderful hasn't-had-seizures-since-June nine year old. No birthday felt more blessed than this.

July means drama camp, too. My two goofballs have their head poking out the right side of this picture. They have so much fun! They performed Jailhouse Rock this year. So cute.

Friend birthday party for the boys. Mario Kart Run (like Mario Kart Wii but it was an obstacle course).

I like easy cakes. This was a birthday present, too, as the cars were for Moose.

Blurry but so much fun this year!

Princess really likes ice cream cones...just the cones at this point.

My parents were here for their party and it was fun to end up being Mario and Luigi with my dad.

Squirt (aka Batman) is seven. *sigh* Love lost tooth pictures.

I made the area between our bedrooms into the Batcave for him since he let Moose pick the party theme. This stayed up (the walls had plastic table cloths on them too) for over a month, I think. Bats were hanging from the ceiling. I repaired it a lot.

Princess is one! What a fast year!

Her theme was starfish. So her cake was supposed to look like mermaid scales.

little fish pond cupcakes

And a starfish cake. It turned out so much better than I thought it would.

The boys got motorcycle rides with our friend, Mike. They were thrilled!

And a 5-generation picture of the S Club family at Princess's party. Love them so much!

That's July. I'll catch up more later.

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