Monday, December 5, 2016

October - November family update

October and November:
Moose still has not had any seizures since his surgery (thank You, Lord!!!). His medicine continues to make him tired but as of late November, we started to give him his medicine earlier in the morning and at night, so that has helped him to stop needing to sleep as much at school.
Our school has been amazing accommodating his sleeping and we surely cannot thank them enough. It was difficult some days to know if he NEEDED to sleep or wanted to escape, but they are superb and did their best. 

The kids love to watch music YouTube videos. I believe this was for the song that goes with Zootopia "Try Everything" by Shakira.

Moose's music program was their best yet! I just adored the songs and hearing him be so excited to perform. Some day I'd like for him to have a bigger part in a play; I think he'd do well but he enjoys it no matter his part. I am very thankful to whichever girl stands behind him for these performances and keeps him focused. 

Some sweet 4th graders with a 2nd grade photobomber

Squirt (top row, 6th from left) really enjoyed soccer this year. They had a pretty good season - win some, lose some. Their last game of the tournament was so exciting! It went into a double overtime, so shootouts. Squirt actually got to score the final goal! So exciting!

 Squirt is second player from the left, I think.

The weather was terrific throughout October and most of November. We enjoyed our time at the parks. Princess likes the big swings and has several times (for short periods) liked to swing with Moose.

Moose continues to enjoy drawing race tracks on our driveway. 

Cub Scout buddies on the hay rack ride. 

The boys continue to improve quite a bit for the little we go skating. It's fun to watch them enjoy it, especially Moose. He does not do well being off balance so this is a big deal for him. 

We love Snapchat!

 Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. You get to dress up and it's so fun! Maybe that's why my boys love to dress up so much. This year we did the Scooby-Doo gang. It was just perfect because our Scooby costume just barely fits Squirt and we finally have two girls to pull the look off! It was so fun and I was astonished at how well Princess kept her Velma glasses on (elastic hot glued to the back)!


 My baking buddy helped me to make a pear pie and an apple crumble pie for our church's chicken pie dinner.

We call her our baby Linus with her blankie and thumb sucking. She does prefer her pacifier but will take her thumb in a pinch. Kind of nice!

We visited a friend who had a decorative jar of corn kernels set out and Princess ended up playing with them. She sent us home with a baggie full and I found a little box for her to play in without making a terrible mess. It was cute!

I got to go to our high school's production of Fiddler on the Roof with these two! We had fun going out for lunch before and watching together. A few weeks prior we had viewed the movie together so I would know what to expect! The high school did a fabulous jobs; I still find myself singing some of the songs!

Our kitten is growing and loved the leaves! I'd see him out playing in the piles I raked while the kids were at school. 

 Rain gutter regatta was fun this year. Both boys tried their best but I think only Moose won one race. We just can't quite get the hang of making a fast boat.

 Princess remains a mama's girl but she does like her daddy. Especially when he dances with her. 

And my husband is the best! He surprised me with these last two Hunger Game movies a few weeks ago. What a guy!!!

Now you're caught up with the S Club!

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