Monday, December 5, 2016

August update

By August, Princess was walking pretty well. The boys started school - Moose 4th, Squirt 2nd. 

last day at our old pool; the next day they started construction on the new pool

Moose - no seizures from surgery to this point

Squirt - two lost front teeth at this point

the mascot met them for the first day of school

she looks hesitant but cried when we left!
Then my little sister got married a few days later! Most of my pictures are from my older sister because I didn't carry my camera around.

The boys with my sister, Amber

my daddy and me!

waiting to see the bride (I'm on the far right)

baby Princess and me; she made a terrific flower girl

my new brother-in-law

my mama and me!

the only picture I got with the bride! :) 

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Linda said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! I love you and your family! Your mama is beautiful--I see where you get your sparkle!

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