Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Goodnight, Manger by Laura Sassi (children's book review)

While my boys naturally go toward books about superheroes and space cats, I do try to have books that point them to Jesus in our home. Having the opportunity to read "Goodnight, Manger" by Laura Sassi (illustrated by Jane Chapman) was really a blessing. We have far less really young kid books about Jesus and God as we have grown up in our faith as our boys have grown up.

Now having our little Princess, I'd like more books her age to point her to Jesus. "Goodnight, Manger" does just that. It's rhyming stanzas show Mary and Joseph putting the baby Jesus to bed only to be interrupted by barn animals and wise men and angels singing "Hosanna." Everyone tries to help the newborn King to sleep.

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It's a really sweet little story that will show your young ones Jesus. If you're looking for theologically deep (which who is at 16 months old?), this is not for you. It depicts the wise men and shepherds visiting at the same time and Mary looks nowhere near a teenager. But, for young children, those are not important. The love of this little family and the story of His visitors is important.

This Thanksgiving is a perfect time to check out "Goodnight, Manger" by Laura Sassi at a retail store or on

If you do decide to purchase this book (or anything else on, please consider using this link to support the Emmaus Biblical Seminary in Haiti. My awesome friends Matt and Stacey teach there and it's a great opportunity to help advance the gospel.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. Others may or may not agree with my opinions but they are my own. Emmaus Biblical Seminary has no links to this post other than I found it an opportune time to support their work. 

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