Monday, October 10, 2016

5 Minutes with Jesus: A Fresh Infusion of Joy by Sheila Walsh with Sherri Gragg (book review)

I love the idea of starting your day in Scripture and/or prayer. The Bible says His mercies are new every morning and so it just makes sense to start your day that way. However, as much as it makes sense, I fail to do that most mornings. It just doesn't work with the way I'm built and my schedule. Generally, I like to get up in the morning to work out so that is kid-free time. And then the chaos of mornings before school starts. Then it is generally mid-afternoon before I get a chance to sit down. 

However, I like that this book "Five Minutes with Jesus: A Fresh Infusion of Joy" by Sheila Walsh are ones that I can really read with my kids. It's not meant to be a children's devotional but I have found that it works for us. We have been reading this at breakfast - it's quick and still spiritually deep so it's perfect for us right now at the stage we're in.

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It is usually a page and a half devotional and then a page (5 minutes) of Scripture. And the Scripture pertains to what the devotional was about. The devotions vary: talking about being chosen or what we want to be when we grow up or Nick Vujicic and his unstoppable joy despite his disability. I think the only thing that could make this book better was if it were an audiobook and you could listen to Sheila Walsh's beautiful accent.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. Others' opinions may differ from my own but these are mine.

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