Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Little Bible Heroes: Miriam and Daniel by Victoria Kovacs (children's book review)

I love children's Bibles but I like to read stories, too. The "Little Bible Heroes: Daniel and Miriam" (it's a flip book - one book per side) by Victoria Kovacs is a wonderful choice.

A lot of children's Bibles skirt around hard issues of the Bible. For instance, in the story of Moses, some don't mention why Moses' mother sent him down the river. However, "Little Bible Heroes: Miriam" says "the ruler of Egypt is an evil pharaoh who orders all the Hebrew baby boys to be killed." And "Little Bible Heroes: Daniel" says "Later, the king has terrible dreams. He orders all the wise men put to death because they can't tell him what he dreamed and what the dreams mean." This world is a place with evil and sin in it and I think it's healthy to not hide it. A friend said it caused her some major faith doubt when she was older and realized that the story of Noah's Ark wasn't just animals coming in two by two all cutesy but included the majority of the world dying in a flood. Now that flood was probably terribly scary and God's wrath is scary but we must understand (and teach our children) that his wrath comes about because His holiness cannot be near sin. I just believe it's good to teach our kids all about God, not just the parts that warm our hearts like Christ coming to save us (so that our sin didn't interfere with us reconciling with God).

The illustrations in this book are CUTE. David Ryley is the illustrator in both stories and they just look friendly. Even old man Daniel looks adorable. Kids will be attracted to these illustrations.

There is a Parent Connection portion after each book. It has a verse straight from the Bible to connect this from a story to real life. There are then two Think questions - "Is it hard to obey God when others tell you not to?" and "How was Miriam brave? When have you been brave?" for example. It's important for children to not just passively read stories but to connect with them. And it ends with another verse from Scripture (not specifically from the story) to help the kiddos dig deeper into God's Word.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. Others may have different opinions.

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