Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Forever My Little Girl by Karen Kingsbury AND Forever My Little Boy by Karen Kingsbury (double book review)

As Mother's Day approaches, there seem to be many things online that have made me cry: a post from JJ Heller's girls encouraging mothers and Nichole Nordemen's song, "Slow Down," and the accompanying video. Tear jerkers. Look them up on YouTube and you will not be sorry (unless you hate crying and then ignore this paragraph). Anyway, Karen Kingsbury has written two books that are tear jerkers, too. "Forever My Little Girl" and "Forever My Little Boy" are cute momento-type books that remind us how fast childhood goes.
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In each, the parents have just had their little boy or little girl and realize what a gift from God he or she is. There are prayers throughout the book to correspond with each developmental stage. So fast you flip through from babyhood to toddler to school age to marriage. It's an emotional rollercoaster...just like real life. I've watched my big boys grow so fast from babies to elementary age, I can only imagine blinking and they will leave me. I watch this little girl crawling around my feet right now and I know she, too, will be graduated and married and a mommy herself (Lord willing) all too soon.
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This is the hardest part of motherhood, how fast it goes. And we don't want it to slow down really because it's hard in the stage you're in, too. I know it is. There is no balance and time just goes how it goes regardless of how we feel about it. I love books like these "Forever My Little Girl" and "Forever My Little Boy" books for reminding me and us of these precious times. Don't let them slip away.

These books would be wonderful for new parents, Mother's Day, even a nice graduation or wedding gift for the mom.

Disclaimer: I received these books in order to write an honest review. Others' opinions may differ from mine but these are all mine.

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