Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Lifegiving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson (book review)

I've always wanted the home where people hang out, where the kids come to play. So far I don't have that home (although I do have the home where people use the bathroom, living right across from the park, so I'm of some service). Maybe I won't ever have that home but my family seems to enjoy it when we're home (although watching our six-year-old leave other houses, you wouldn't think so...). However, I want to cultivate my home intentionally to be a loving place, safe and comfortable. I decided to read "The Lifegiving Home" by Sally and Sarah Clarkson under this premise - to learn.
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I like the set-up of the book with a mom and daughter writing it - to see a home from a mom's perspective and from a daughter's. The daughter has yet to make a family home but she has a clear idea of what her home should be like. And the writing itself is superb!

I really liked how the book was organized into the different months of the year. January was about routines, February was about relationships, March was about beauty, April about heritage, and so on. I like that you could take this book and read it in a year, so it's not so overwhelming. I say overwhelming because there are so many ideas in this. I do appreciate that neither Clarkson says "this is how we do it so you have to, too" because their life is far more sophisticated than mine will ever be. I don't mean this in any way other than we're different people. I have a more laid-back fashion and a casualness to my home; theirs seems fancier. To each their own. And for their family, they home schooled so had more time to do some of this they talk about.

I did glean some ideas for celebrating occasions.  I really like how they had afternoon tea in their home; I'd love to incorporate that but I don't believe this is my season for it. I truly love their love of books because that's something I share. I did pick up a few I'd like to share with my family.

Overall, I don't believe I will use a ton out of this book but I do think I got out of it that I need to be intentional in how I plan my home, plan our routines, help our relationships grow, welcome guests and loved ones, host, decorate. That intentional living seems to be a theme of mine for some time now. I plan to put it into practice. If you're interested, Ann Voskamp also reviewed this book.

You can find resources for this book on lifegivinghome.com

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. My opinions may differ from others' and that's ok. 

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