The Bible is My Best Friend Family Devotional by Shelia Walsh (book review)

I've been on the look out for a good family or kid devotional for many years. Some are plain bad. Some are too short and not deep enough. Some are over their heads! I was really feeling good about "The Bible is My Best Friend Family Devotional" because it's written by Sheila Walsh. I have heard Sheila talk and really believe her heart for Jesus.

We took a dive into this devotional. And we gave it a really good shot. Our problem was not the content. It's good stuff in here. It's a weekly devotion, so you'd think we could squeeze it in. And we can! I just don't know when. During the week is hard because when Big A comes home, it's supper, showers, bed. On weekends, we just are either busy or lazy. Sundays include church for all morning and naps or quiet times. Seriously, it's just a scheduling problem. But this post is about the book, not my lack of organization.
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"The Bible is My Best Friend Family Devotional" is a weekly study that includes a memory verse (isn't it great when families memorize Scripture together? We do it about three times a year...being honest here), a page-long devotion, questions to ask your kids and them to ask you, a dig deeper portion to look into Scripture further together, and a weekly challenge.

The last part is where we got tripped up. We weren't good at doing the weekly challenge. We could, don't let us trip you up because they weren't difficult by any means! They were like "memorize the books of the Bible," listing one way to recognize sin and keep it from sneaking into your life, memorize and obey ALL the 10 Commandments, raising your hands up for so long you get tired and getting help from your family (Exodus 17:8-13). Simple things. We just didn't remember to do them.

I do really like this devotional. I thought it well-written and it really was deeper than most kid devotionals. It wasn't written in a dumbed down fashion. I appreciate that. Consider this with your family. Probably ages 5-12, maybe sooner or later depending on your family. I know we'll come back to this devotional!

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own and may not be the same as yours.


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