Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March family update

Seizure update: no seizures since Moose's hospital stay in mid-February. Not sure what that means but we met with his neuro doctors last week and they had a conference and talked about his situation. The decision was made to move ahead with surgery to take out the lesion (which they now think to be a low-grade, I'm not sure what exactly that means). We do not have a date for the surgery but go next week to have a consult with the neurosurgeon.

I've been asked how I feel about this and I have processed all of the "what ifs" I can think of, so I'm doing fine with it right now. I know there are days where it hits me and days where I don't think about it. I think it will continue to be a rollercoaster. However, if the surgery is successful (and the doctors believe it will be), Moose will continue on his meds for a year and then be weaned off as long as he stays seizure free. Whoa! Isn't that miraculous sounding?!

The boys had their cub scout banquet and pinewood derby! For Squirt, it was his first. He was so cute when he'd race. Even when he lost, he would search for me in the crowd and give me a thumbs up. He did win one race but Moose did not. He took it well. I was a little disappointed the kids didn't really get to race their cars after the actual racing was over. That's what Moose likes to do the best, just racing it over and over and over and over, not really caring if he wins or loses. But the tracks got picked up right away. Hm.

Princess has been learning to sit up all by herself! She babbles quite a bit "bababa papapa mmmm" but no real words. I'm ready for her to say "mama"!!!! She can get up on her hands and knees to rock and sometimes scoot backwards but hasn't quite figured out how to move forward. That doesn't stop her from "swimming" to get anything she wants. I just started to feed her oatmeal with cinnamon and some fruit puree in the morning so she gets breakfast, lunch, and supper. Our girl is growing! She's been such a relief to have this year; she's always so happy so it's lovely to have her on a stressful day.

love when they sleep with their butts in the air!

I've had a hard time leaving her for Moose's various appointments. Next week I will leave her for the neurosurgeon consult and then again when Squirt gets his 4th set of tubes in and adenoids out. Poor guy. He's not loving the idea of it and to be honest, the idea of him being intubated is almost more than I can handle. Of course, I will handle it because I'm the mama. I have had people ask me or tell me a lot "I don't know how you handle it" and such. But you just do. It's like when you have two kids or three kids, "how do you handle it?" but you just do. What else are you supposed to do? I am just so thankful to have the friends and family I do who are so supportive whether it's baby-sitting or picking kids up from school.

My parents came down to help me out and watch the kids so Big A and I could attend some weddings and TobyMac (read more in the next paragraph). Here are some pictures from Going Bonkers, a kid play place and arcade.
he never tires of the ride on toys...

I think she likes his hat

Squirt wanted a picture with the clown

so nice to have help with her 

so I could play games! oh yeah!

My 30th birthday was last week. Big A told me awhile ago he was taking me to the TobyMac concert. He wanted to surprise me with it but needed my mom to baby-sit and didn't think to call her to ask. Weird. Anyway, the concert was AWESOME! And made even more AWESOME because two of our best friends got the tickets WITH us so we could all go together for my and her 30th birthdays. It was a blast with Hollyn, Capitol Kings, Colton Dixon, Britt Nichole, Finding Favour, and TobyMac. The music was amazing. I just had the best time. Then we ate at this place called BRGR nearby after - so yummy! And then when we came home the next day after a night away (always awesome), Big A had arranged a surprise party for me with most of my nearest and dearest. Later he was like 'oh I should have invited this person and this person' so if you weren't invited, it wasn't out of anything other than good natured oversight. It was amazing and my sisters were there, which is always such a treat. That was the first time Amber got to meet Princess. Just all around the best birthday ever. I am now enjoying my 30s.

OH one more super super exciting thing! Moose got invited to a birthday party! I cannot tell you what an answer to prayer this is for me. Squirt's been invited to at least 5 parties this year. And each time, Moose says "when will I get invited to a birthday party?" and I can't answer that. Broke my heart so when I got an invite for him, I was about in tears. I know that sounds so silly to some of you, but when making friends is so hard for him, this means so much. Life with a kid with autism is different and I'm just thankful for people who accept Moose and love him and I'm so thankful the kids in his class are that way too. It speaks so much for the parents of these kids.

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