Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Super kids

Our family is definitely known for our love of superheroes and Star Wars so when a friend and her husband were shopping for their daughter and happened upon this adorable Supergirl outfit, they got it for our Princess. Thank you Duane and Amanda! Obviously, her brothers love it, too.

The past two days I've been doing laundry like crazy and packing for everyone. Moose has a 5 day EEG from Wednesday - Sunday to determine where his seizures are coming from exactly (from his malformation/birthmark on his brain, from multiple places, from somewhere we haven't pinpointed yet). I am staying with him during the week and will switch off with Big A on Friday afternoon to come home to be with my littler two.

I have never been away from any of my children for 3 days so this will be odd. Moose has such a good attitude about all of this and doesn't seem stressed (doesn't probably know to be stressed). He prayed this morning for him to have seizures so they can do his test. What a testimony to his faith.

Our dear friends will take Squirt after school on Wednesday overnight; something fun for him to do. Princess will be loved and adored and spoiled by my friend Debbie during the 3 days with Big A taking off of work early to get Squirt from school and be with his Princess.

Friends have written cards, given gifts, texted me encouragement, made meals, and are praying for us. I thank God for each of you.

This community that has grown around us is such a testimony to the church as it should be - global church not just our home church. I know I have friends in Haiti praying for my family as well as here in Kansas. It's been humbling to have so many people offering their help and giving their help. Big A and I have talked a lot about not being too prideful to accept gifts; although it's hard because we are "self-sufficient" and can do it all. Which is, of course, a farce. We cannot do it all. We cannot be everywhere at all times or take care of our children 100% on our own. We cannot do this life alone. And yes, we have the Lord our God who is amazing. But He has given us community, too, to help care for us.

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." 
1 Thessalonians 5:11

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Unknown said...

Praying for you guys! I missed this posted some how. Believing for a good expected end and the wisdom of God for the doctors and staff working to help him

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