Saturday, February 6, 2016

God's Not Dead 2 featurette

I really enjoyed the first God's Not Dead movie and am looking forward to this one. I was at an if:local this weekend and David Platt was a surprise guest speaker at the end. One thing that really hit me was he said he was in college, talking about the gospel. A girl in the class said that he was arrogant and hateful to say that if they didn't believe what he believed about Jesus Christ, they would spend an eternity in hell.

Now, yes, that could seem arrogant to say if you don't believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God sent to earth to save us from our sins through His death and resurrection that you will spend an eternity in damnation in hell.


If it's true what I believe, what David believes, then it would be arrogant and hateful to NOT tell you that. To keep that from you would be awful. To keep the wonderful news that God loves you and made you wonderful and has saved you if only you accept Him, would be hateful. So I'm telling you.

Kind of a bunny trail but I think that is the point of the God's Not Dead movies! Certainly in this one, where a teacher gets taken to court because she spoke about Jesus. David went on to say this weekend that the privatization of our religion, our beliefs, is what is making the church paralyzed (this is paraphrased from my notes). I think, too, it is what is making it tolerable for Christians to be persecuted for their beliefs!

I don't know where you stand. I know I have a few sweet readers out there who love the Lord so much. This is just one little space where I can share about the Lord, but we must do this to the ends of the earth, starting with the little bit in front of us. Until the whole world hears.

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