Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ja-Vie Shoes (review)

As I was reading my normal blogs, I kept noticing these Ja-Vie shoes everywhere. They sounded terrific - a pillow shoe. Now, I'd just spent a day at the hospital for Moose's MRI and my feet were shot. I'm just not used to spending so much time on my feet.

this and the above picture from the Ja-Vie website

I acquired a beautiful pair of gold sparkly Ja-Vie shoes. The sizing is European so I had to get the biggest size they carry. Boo for big feet. When I first got the shoes, they seemed too narrow. I was bummed! I almost gave them away!

Then I had to wear them again (I have a seriously limited selection of shoes) and was pleasantly surprised to see they had stretched to accommodate the girth of my feet. Seriously my feet just do not fit the rest of me; they've grown longer with each child and flatter (thus wider) with running. But they can do some amazing things so I'll keep them. :) 

who doesn't love some sparkle?!

nice so you don't slip

I really like the feel of the Ja-Vie shoes. They are as comfortable as they claim. Now, I have not worn them for as long as I would to compare them to the other shoes I wore during the MRI. They have enough arch support for me. I seem to have very sensitive feet so I require not cheap shoes. 
I have not washed the shoes, although I should after our car accident and standing in creek water for a bit. I may do just that today, but it's so nice that they are machine washable! How many shoes are like that?!
Maybe I love these shoes so much because they are reminiscent of the jelly shoes that were popular when I was little. I always wanted a pair. I am so very pleased with these shoes and I wish I'd have gotten this written before the holidays so you could have gotten a pair under the tree. However, I recommend you buying yourself a new pair for the new year!

love the flexibility

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