Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Faith Builders Bible (book review)

A long time ago, I bought the Lego Bible. What a joke. There was no graceful, loving God in that Bible. However, I love the idea of mashing the Bible with Legos - our boys are gaga over one of those and I'd love for them to be gaga over the other! I was very excited to receive the Faith Builders Bible!

I wrapped it up from Santa Claus and had the boys open it on Christmas Day. They were SO excited about it (mostly Squirt but he's my Lego builder). I'm so glad.

The Faith Builders Bible is a full NIrV Bible with 24 pages of full-color illustration. It is made for kids ages 6-10, which is perfect for my boys. There are no study guides or notes so this is a perfect, basic Bible for kids my kids' ages (well, not Princess but she'll get there).

It shows Moses getting the 10 Commandments (which Squirt made himself after seeing), David and Goliath, the feeding of the 5000, etc. My boys really enjoyed looking at it and Squirt was very excited to take it to Sunday School last week.

Now, I've seen other reviewers were disappointed in it for things like small font, but it's a Bible. Most of them have small fonts. I do agree that I wish there were instructions on how to build some of the things, but Squirt is clever with bricks so he could make them without. I could not. But he could!

Disclaimer: I received this Bible in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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