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December update

I forgot how hard it is to get much done with all three kids at home, so this break has not been the most productive. I had plans to get a bunch of reviews done for the blog and this update...that never happened. So now with the big two happily off to school, it's just Princess and I at home and she's content in my lap for the moment.

December was a whirlwind. I am glad to see it go! Happy New Year!
I've decided to write in a format more like a letter than updating each kid as there is much crossover for us.

We started off the month with the Christmas program "Christmas in Reverse." The kids have been rehearsing every Wednesday since October! These were long nights for us since Moose's medication makes him SO tired he's ready for bed by 7 and these rehearsals were from 6:30-7:30. But we made it and I'm so thankful we did. Neither boy had a big part in the production (no elementary aged kid did. They were the choir and older kids had the parts like Mary and Joseph and smaller kids had the parts of sheep), but Moose did have a small rap solo "yo kings that followed the star..." something something. I didn't memorize his part! Both sang beautifully and really seem to enjoy being on stage. Squirt doesn't have quite the outgoing personality on stage as he does off stage; he can be rather shy sometimes but he did fantastic that night. My parents were down to see it, so it was pretty special. Too often, with them living 4 hours away, it's difficult for them to see the kids perform.

Grandma Fonda and Princess
Behind the scenes of Grandpa Randy and Grandma Fonda taking pictures and getting everyone to look at the camera

I LOOOOOVE this picture! I LOOOOOOVE these kids!
Photo by Randy Fisher. Please ask permission before using.
so stinking perfect!
Photo by Randy Fisher. Please ask permission before using.
this girl loves her daddy!
Photo by Randy Fisher. Please ask permission before using.
Then our little Princess FINALLY rolled from her back to her belly. And then we didn't see it until Christmas Eve again. What a stinker. Now she rolls a little more freely but certainly not the rolly babies you see going all over the room.

We got to go see Mockingjay Part 2 with our friends on a triple date. Always fun, but I was so sad when Finnick died. Kim said it was hormones but I was just sad. :) Tenderhearted, this one. It was just fun to ditch the kids and have some fun with our friends! Now we need a new movie series.

The virus or whatever that came through started December 12 with Moose. He started throwing up that evening (probably throwing up his nightly meds) and through most of the night. He seemed okay, lethargic the next day. I kept him home, of course, but we were so out of routine, I didn't have him take his morning meds. He watched ET for the first time, played a little, slept a little. Around 3pm I remembered he hadn't taken his meds. Not knowing exactly what to do, I decided he could just take his night meds as usual (not really thinking that he may have missed his meds the previous night). Around 5pm, I was sitting at the kitchen counter with him, getting ready to do some homework from school that day.

I noticed him staring and realized it was a seizure. I picked up my phone, ready to film it, but then he crossed his arms and his head turned up and to the right, really far. He started leaning left and I caught him before he fell and that's when he started convulsing. It was awful. I was so concerned he would stop breathing, but thank God he never did. I got him to the floor and hollered at Squirt to get a pillow for under his head. I rolled him to the side as he had drool coming out profusely. I called 911 and asked for the ambulance to come. Keep in mind, this was the first "grand mal" seizure I've seen. I'm praying it's my last. He convulsed for about 3-5 minutes. We did not take him to the hospital as there really wasn't anything they could do at that time, but I am SO thankful for their quick response and kindness during this stressful time.

Squirt was amazing. Getting the pillow. Telling me the time. Unlocking the door for the EMTs. Opening the door for them and a friend who stopped by to help. He was just calm. I'm very thankful, although we've seen the anxiety/stress/jealousy over attention come out in other ways. But he was amazing for being only 6 years old!

I kept Moose home Tuesday. Squirt got sick that night so he was home Wednesday. I went to Topeka Thursday to pick up a cap for an emergency medicine for Moose. I started to not feel well then and all the way to Sunday. Sunday I was SO very sick. I laid in bed all day and kept close to a bathroom. It was reminiscent of being pregnant, how I felt. Big A didn't feel well that day either but was able to care for the children just fine.

Since I stayed in bed all day Sunday, I couldn't sleep that night. I got up and was cross stitching around 2am when Big A got up to check on Princess. He went to the bathroom and I hear this LOUD CRASH. The man has passed out. Now, he's 6'4" 230lbs. That was a loud crash and very scary for me to come in on him passed out. I got him to come to and he was green. Literally. I've never seen that before. He took a bath and went back to bed.

there are rarely pictures of me with the kids besides selfies so here's an okay one of me and Princess

Miss Princess turned 5 months on the 20th. How does it go so fast???? 

We left Christmas Eve morning to head to central Nebraska, where I'm from. We hadn't even made it 30 minutes away North when it started to snow. We thought about turning around but didn't think it'd be so bad so we kept going. We were close to Palmyra, NE when we went over a bridge and hit some slush/ice/snow. We think we spun around but ended up skidding off the road facing the right direction. We ended up in the ditch, in a little creek, and flipped our van to its passenger side (Moose, Princess, and I all sit on that side).

By the very grace of God and his angels, we were just fine. Not one scratch. We got unbuckled and got the baby out. Big A opened the side door and flagged down help. He took Moose out, Squirt out, and then Princess. I think the couple that took the kids in their car, it just really hit them hard with all my little guys coming out. Then I got out and we managed to save our luggage (which had the medicine in it) and even the Christmas gifts (per my request; I had to keep something stable for the kids at this awful time). The kids were upset, none more than Moose. We were going to stay in a hotel with a pool and see Grandma Fonda. It was just a very sudden change for a kid who hates very sudden changes. It took most of the day to calm him down; very emotionally draining for me.

The couple took us to Big A's parents' house about 45 minutes away. So very nice of them. Their family wasn't going to spend Christmas with them that day so she said we were their Christmas family. They were angels in the flesh for us.

The rest of Christmas Eve it was very tiring but good. Big A's dad made us lunch. His brother took Squirt in to have a snowball fight with the cousins. I tried to keep Moose calm (fail) and tried not to lose my temper with him. It was just exhausting. Big A figured out all the insurance, car towing stuff. We lost my phone and his was water logged. We had supper there and made it home very late that night after borrowing Big A's brother's car. Phew!

It turned out well but Moose still claimed it to be the worst Christmas Eve ever!

we stayed up a long time cleaning up stuff salvaged from our wreck
Big A found this diaper and thought it worthy of being saved. Diapers really can hold a lot!
tired girl!
My robe seems to calm Squirt so he wore one. Moose wanted one so he wore the other. I love this picture. 
We went to his grandparents' house the next day for an impromptu Christmas lunch after opening gifts at home.
my wonderful boys with the classic tree and gifts picture

Star Wars books!!! Thanks to my sister!

Best Downton Abbey hat ever! Thanks to my sister!

looks like daddy has him a fishing buddy

Princess got this great ball for Christmas!

 It was lovely; we played game and spent time with his family. It was just sad because we had planned to spend it with my family and my grandma's not getting any younger, you know. It was a very long day after a stressful previous day. Moose claimed it to be the best Christmas Day ever!
Princess finally in her crib. It's been a rough transition.

Then friends from church just happened to have an extra van that they let us borrow, which we ended up purchasing. Thank You, Lord for that detail ironed out. People were so kind with prayers of thanksgiving for our safety.

Some friends sent us with the boys to see Star Wars while they watched Princess. That was so fun to go see a movie they would love (only covered their eyes for one part and a preview). Thank you a million times over Craig and Linda! It was a blast. The boys wore their Jedi Robes and I wore my Princess Leia hair/hat. They even had us stay for supper!

Then we rang in the new year with my family in a belated Christmas. Which was a lovely treat to get to go to the hotel and pool for the boys, see my Grandma and uncle and cousin and my parents.

I am praying that 2016 can be a little less exciting than this last year ended. Praising God for our safety and continued undeserved blessings. Praying you all know the love of Christ and the love of His church family this coming year.

Photo by Randy Fisher. Please ask permission before using.

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