Monday, November 9, 2015

The Time Garden by Daria Song (a coloring book review)

I loved to color as a child. I think most kids do at some point in time (most, not all). Even my oldest son, Moose, colored at one point. Now when he colors, it's all one color (red) and scribbled across the sheet (he's 8). My 6-year-old son will color but usually he likes to draw his own comics (very endearing). I'm reading for my Princess to be old enough to color (not that I want her to grow up faster than she will nor am I assuming she'll love to color...but I'm hoping she will).

I got "The Time Garden" by Daria Song, an adult coloring book, after seeing adult coloring books all over the place online. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook are all aflutter with adults coloring. Right up my alley, people. Although, I would prefer a Christian-based coloring book, I really love the pictures in "The Time Garden."
image from Blogging for Books

What I disliked about the book:
The details in this picture are small, so you must have colored pencils or thin crayons. I have those things so not a problem for me, but finding a sharpener around here can be. About half of the pictures are real pictures of things: houses, trees, a little girl. So you need (or me as a type A rule follower) to color them a certain way (i.e. not crazy). Maybe you could do that but it's not for me.
I do not have much time to color. Hanging on to baby girl all day does not leave my hands free to color. I will wait until she's a little more independent (like rolling...wait, then I have to look after her to be sure she's not eating Legos).

What I liked about the book:
The artwork is beautiful. I sure wish I could draw like this (alas, not my gift). Truly the details are so pretty, this could be framed on my wall. Perhaps I will. I really like the whimsical pages with stars or gears or patterns. Those are the pages to color a little crazier on (again, you could on the other pages, it's just not for me).
I also like that it tells the story of "a little girl who had boundless imagination." Aren't we all little girls still (well, those of us who were little girls at one point)? Sometimes I still feel very little and it's nice to be able to come to this coloring book and feel that.

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There are so many of these adult coloring books online. I actually saw this very book at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago (and almost bought it again but then remembered I was getting this one in the mail! I must have good taste). So get creative, let that little girl out to color. Color in the lines, color out of the lines. Color crazy or tame. I also find this to be very relaxing.

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my honest review. Others may not have the same opinions as I, but they are all my own.

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