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October - we love this time of the year + a prayer request

I feel like we're finally getting into somewhat of a groove - an ever-changing, very flexible groove. Life with three kids is good. Life is good. God is good. All the time, right? Especially when you're listening to Christmas program music being sung at 6:22am from a just awoken sweet boy. I love it.

We had been borrowing a soccer goal from a friend and when they took it home, we purchased 2 for our boys. Even Moose was asking to go out to play soccer (not so much this week but it's been wet). Once Squirt said, "maybe later, I'm reading" or something and I was like "GO OUTSIDE! Our sloth wants to play something, GO!" It's been good for them. They are really working on good sportsmanship. Moose does really well with this because his brother beats him most of the time. But he's a fairly good defender, just not aggressive enough to be a forward.

Only one seizure this month! We had a cub scout event later that same night so we made the executive decision to have him stay home with his dad and sister so we could maybe help avoid another one. Don't know if it helped but he hasn't had another one.
I took the kids to Gage Park in Topeka. Awesome!

Parent-teacher conferences were really encouraging. He is getting to the age with less and less teacher communication, which is frustrating for me. I've been spoiled for sure. But his teacher and special ed teacher really assured us that he is doing well in school. He does get help still and sometimes with things other kids may not get help with but in the grand scheme of things, we think it's ok. I'm really proud of the social progress he's making.

Topeka Zoo - couple of animals

he's a good "hold the baby while I do this or that" person :)

I feel like God has really answered my prayers for friends for him. Not that he is a social butterfly, getting asked to tons of birthday parties and events (or any, for that matter). However, our neighbor kids have come over for soccer and that's been fun. Two girls in his class have sent him sweet little notes saying how nice he is. I feel good about this. It's hard to watch my boys be social unequal - one gets birthday invites and the other doesn't. One gets play date invites and the other doesn't or at least doesn't unless I'm involved. I don't mind but a dear friend of mine gently told me I shouldn't expect them to have the same social levels; they are different people. I think I set myself up for disappointment and sometimes anger when I expect his "social life" to be equal to some standard. But one birthday invitation would be really nice.
I just had a mom ask me if he would like to go home with her son sometime. Thank You, God!

loved taking the boys on one-on-one dates this month
We had another neurologist appointment. Our doctor said that he feels from the EEG and MRI imaging that we had 6 months ago and the fact that his seizures are getting worse (from no movement, to movement, to talking during) that something is growing in Moose's brain. Other things it could be: a blip in the computer system (although we had an EEG done last Monday and it showed the same images) or a "birthmark" something his brain was born with. All of this "activity" is in his eloquent cortex, where we get our speech. We have another MRI scheduled for November 6 and we would covet your prayers greatly. This has been difficult for me to process but I'm finding great peace in knowing that God knows the outcome of this and He loves my son - His son - more than I do, way more.
Moose's brain - abnormality is what the line on the right is pointing to

I feel incredibly blessed by the church family we have. I was up working a bake sale this morning and so many people asked about him and said they were praying for him and our family. That is the church, ladies and gentlemen. Caring for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

We have been working on attitudes this month. No is a hard word to accept and leaving fun places is hard to do, but Squirt has been getting better at them. We continue to work at this social skill (?).

what a kitty cutie!

This boy loves soccer. Since having the goals at home, he's even played soccer at least once at school. I think before he felt that since he didn't play on a team, he didn't really know how to play. He's actually a pretty good forward, pretty aggressive at getting the ball. Must work on losing or even when one other goal is scored!
Topeka zoo - elephants!!!

Gage Park

When Moose had his seizure, we decided for me to take Squirt to his first real Cub Scout event. We went on a freaky hay rack ride (thought we'd tip for sure), mini golfing, painted a pumpkin, and skated. Oh this boy. Last year, he cried at skating and didn't make it around once. This year? He found determination somewhere! He fell, he skated, he fell, he skated, he fell, he kept going. About an hour and a half or two hours of skating and falling. He got to be pretty ok! It was so much fun to have this one-on-one time with him!!
hayrack ride I thought I'd pee my pants on! Could see every dip that we should have tipped on.

such determination to skate!
Very encouraged by his teacher conference, too. He's a sweet little guy, really wanting to impress his teacher. He has written her comics. I love his comics.

At church he has joined his brother in doing actions to the song, "Weak Man." I'm hoping to catch this on film because it's so darn sweet and just really faith-filled.

suck that thumb! suck that thumb!

This gal continues to grow. She "talks" a lot and kicks a lot (not quite like Squirt did as a baby - thankfully). She can move herself around by kicking about 180 degrees or so. She did flip herself over belly to back but only once so far. She chews on her thumb and fingers and sometimes sucks but not consistently - I guess the hand control isn't great yet. I'm still hoping for a thumb sucker (yes I know this is bad for their teeth).

love baby stretches!

love how the pacifier can be "just" inside their mouths to make them happy

this outfit. the best!

 She charms pretty much everyone she meets with a smile and maybe some cooing.

3 months?! How did this happen!?

She still sleeps a good lot and is not a great napper unless you hold her. I've tried laying her in her crib but then she doesn't sleep and sleep is important so mostly I still hold her (Kara, don't look so disappointed LOL Come teach me your ways!!). Our boys didn't wake up after 30 minutes like she does so this is a whole new ballgame for us/me. She usually sleeps well at night (7-3 or so) and has slept through a few nights (but don't ask her daddy about their night last was bad).

good girl holding her head up

She's getting pretty strong and doesn't mind tummy time unless she's tired. She's just a squirmy worm!! We still like her so we'll keep her around awhile ;)
Princess "mustache" you a question...

Me: Big A and I have started to take turns with Princess at night so we can each work out. I think this has worked out better for me than for him. You would think I'd be ok because I can nap when the baby naps but I haven't been able to do that. Just can't sleep well. I spent 2 hours laying beside her yesterday...just laying, trying to sleep but it not happening.

Working out is hard. I try to do it 3 times a week, just working on running/walking now. I went outside this morning (which is difficult considering I'm not a fan of the dark) and ran down our main street up and down, listening to "Yes, Please" by Amy Poehler. Hilarious. Which is what I need at this time of life and working out.

I've had several people ask how I'm doing with the news of Moose. A friend of mine told me about when her parents found out about her mom's cancer, they immediately prayed. I am not so quick. I freaked out (inside) at first but each day I'm learning more about trusting God and leaning on God. I look back at my own past and see God's handiwork leading me, providing for me, never leaving me. I know He will continue on doing the same because He never changes. So I'm really doing well and just accepting this hard time of waiting.

I have started a little prayer closet where I post cards with verses or godly things I've heard, prayers for my family and for my friends and for people I've never met. It's a peaceful little place in what is sometime a chaotic little home and I like being organized in my prayers (in all aspects of my life). This is a very fitting thing for me at this time of life. It helps me to see Scripture written out for specific prayer items instead of trying to find it in a Bible I'm still learning about. I just finished Priscilla Shirer's Fervent (goes along with the movie War Room, which I haven't seen but have heard a TON about). It's just a good, solid way to know how to not let the enemy hit you where it hurts most, a battle plan if you will.

Big A: This man is awesome. He does dishes, he gets up with the baby some nights, he doesn't complain about the mess of our house or if I'm late with supper. He told me the other day that when he was starting to notice girls when he was younger, he wanted someone to just spoil. Well, thanks be to God that I'm that lucky girl!!! He is just such a special husband and father and friend. He will do just about anything for just about anyone. I just feel undeserving of such a good man but I will take him. It's legal! It's binding! It's a covenant so I'm the winner winner chicken dinner!!!

I had to put this picture up of a friend's kid in my Princess Leia hair. Hilarious!

best friends ever. Not the best Husker team to watch ever.

I'll leave you with some Halloween pictures! We had fun (although it rained on the 30th) with my parents coming down to help watch Princess so I could attend a school party and we could take the boys out trick-or-treating and to a Light Festival. I love dressing up and have already started thinking about next year. I want to do something girlie with my little girlie!
pumpkin head

Super Girl!

Super Family

Grandma conversations

Grandpa cuddles
That's all for this month. Or last month. I'm a little behind. Shush. I have a baby.

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Linda said...

You certainly are the winner winner chicken dinner! I love that phrase which I don't think I ever heard until I moved to Kansas.

Squirt has just figured out that he is the middle and that he has to DO something to get noticed! (I should know, I'm a middle)

Praying for Moose and that you get answers and PEACE no matter what.

Princess is so blessed to be a part of your family!

Love you guys!!!

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