Thursday, September 24, 2015

Simple Grace magazine (review & discount code)

Simple Grace is a new Christian magazine designed for women and "was created from the desire to seek God's heart on a daily basis; the core of the magazine is a short, daily devotional that addresses everyday problems we all face - plus it has content that all of us can relate to including interviews with well-known personalities and a media guide."

image via the Simple Grace website
What I like: I love the size of this magazine/devotional. It's small like Reader's Digest so it's easily carried around in my van or purse or diaper bag. It would be great to take this along and read it before I pick my kids up from school! I haven't done that yet but it'd be a good way to get my head on straight with the Lord before the chaos of after school erupts.

I like the section about social media where an author or someone asks a question on Facebook or Twitter of their fans. In the issue I read (August 2015), Karen Kingsbury asked her Facebook fans "What answered prayer touched your life?" It was just fun to see the answers to that and think about my own answers. I also like the section about music/books/tv/movies that are coming out. It was in this section that I learned about a prayer app called Echo that I LOVE!!

I got a great issue to check out with Candace Cameron Bure as the celebrity in the issue (October had Joyce Meyer who is not my cup of tea). I just love her and am so excited to see Fuller House on Netflix soon.

What I did not like: I felt like a lot of the issue was fluff. Even the devotional felt like feel-good stuff vs. really spiritually mature meat. Do you know what I'm saying? I feel like a lot of Christian stuff geared toward women is fluff. That's why I love reading Angie Smith and Jennie Allen stuff because it's NOT fluffy. I don't think we need pandering, I think we need things to move us closer to God. I know fluff has its place, truly, but I just have been craving something deeper.

I'm going to continue to receive issues of this magazine over this next year, so I hope that it gets deeper. It's a nice magazine and the devotions are really no fluffier than I've seen in other books or magazines either. It's just not Oswald Chambers.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can get $2 off subscription price through this link.

Disclaimer: I received a sample copy and subsequent year subscription in exchange for my honest opinion from icon media group. All opinions expressed are my own.

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