Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September update

Oh my, it's already October tomorrow. This month has flown by! There is a lack of pictures on this post because everything is on my phone and I'm a little too lazy to upload all of that crazy (499 shots). Or I'll try...we'll see with baby girl probably wanting to nap here shortly.

I am finding him adjusting to school very well. There have been several notes in his communication notebook that say things like "this didn't go as planned but he took it well." Not getting to eat lunch in the classroom because he missed one on his spelling test (we are even practicing this year!), having trouble with his iPad. I love watching him grow up and mature.
 Yesterday was a great friend day. He said he played Thomas and Friends with another boy at school. I love this because I've been encouraging this friendship for many years. I know he's probably a bit too old for Thomas but I don't care. He also brought home a lovely little letter from a little girl in his class telling him he's nice and funny. I about cried, let me tell you. Every mother wants their children to have friends, but when you add in special needs, I want it even more so. I want people to help me protect him and stand up for him and walk with him through this crazy life.
 Boy Scouts is going ok. He's done fairly well at meetings, I guess (Big A takes him; this is their thing). They had a Day at the Lake and he had a blast. There was an incident of some boys being mean but he was oblivious to the fact. Sometimes I wish I was, too. But regardless, he had fun! I think he was probably the first kid asleep (we think his meds make him drowsy but usually only at night so not much to argue with there).
 He did have two more seizures this month. We cannot pinpoint a trigger, unfortunately. However, the nurse for his neurologist called today. She said, based upon my explanations of the seizures, he is having complex partial seizures. You can read up on that here if you want. We should know more after the doctor sees the videos we've taken of the seizures later in October.

He loves this girl. 

Did you miss Batman day? We didn't!

They take after their daddy...promise.

I wrote him a few Scriptures about being anxious so he can pull out this little card when he feels like that during school. I don't know if he's done so at school but after school the other day, Princess and I walked up to get them and we were 1-2 minutes late. I saw him reading his card. I hope it helped him not to be anxious.
 He loves school otherwise. Seems to enjoy playing with a large number of kids at recess. He doesn't ask other kids to play, I've noticed. He's afraid they'll say no, no matter how many times I urge him and suggest that they may say yes. My little perfectionist. Poor guy. I don't remember being like that as a kid but I believe I am like that more than I care to admit as an adult.
 He says he misses my jokes from their lunches last year. I've made him one lunch upon request. It's hard to do when school lunches are cheap. But I try to find a joke for him and have thought of different ways to have jokes (I think they are his love language lol) for him.
 I need to spend some one-on-one time with him!!! I know he's craving it. A friend of mine suggested setting a timer for 15 minutes and just spending time with him. I've done that once (didn't set a timer but focused on him); it's just difficult because the baby doesn't really lay down for her nap that occurs right when they come home. But I'm planning a meal out for him and I and I know Big A and I really need to focus on spending one-on-one time with our boys. He has that time built in with Scouts, fortunately for him.
 Squirt is loving Scouts! We've got him out selling popcorn and going to meetings. He had to miss most of Day at the Lake to go to the Omaha Zoo for a birthday party for our dear friend (oh darn!) but got to come back and camp out. He was SO excited!

He loves this girl too.

He also loves Legos.

I'm sitting here listening to baby coos. I love when I smile, she smiles. I coo, she coos. I love this interactive stage. She has no idea what I'm saying and looks kind of confused a lot, but she trusts me. Or doesn't have the ability to do anything about it if she doesn't. ha!
 I am slowly figuring out sleep with her. Her night schedule is sporadic. She slept through the night a few times, was up the last two nights around 3 (well really last night between 1-3 I don't know how many times I was in her room). She takes good naps but usually only if you hold her. I'm fighting my perfectionist tendencies and really just focusing on what is best for our family. I think I have a routine system that is going to work for us, I think.
 She and I have done a few overnights while the boys are camping. This is mostly ok, but I'm very tired the next day.
 She is a very happy happy princess! Always smiling. She just has such a calm disposition and I love it. I pray that's her always. She even took her 2 months vaccines well; cried for a minute or two (hate that cry) and then sucked on her pacifier and fell asleep. I didn't cry either, thank you. Almost.

She looks like my little sister in this picture!

She likes this baby, too.

 I am so thankful for the ladies of my if:table group. They share a perspective with me from more years of mothering (some) and more years of being Christians (all). I appreciate them so much. It was so nice to be able to go and spend hours with them.
 I also got to go to a Jamberry nails girls' night and am sporting many different options of Jamberry nail designs right now. Go big or go home, right? It was a nice, relaxing night with a few friends I don't see often but need to more often.
 My friend Stacey is one of the biggest blessings for me right now. She always posts on her blog things I need to hear in my heart. She and I talk about mothering these third children of ours and I appreciate her so much!
 I am at a place where I want to work out but the timing is just not there. She's not consistent in sleep, I cannot stand a workout to be disrupted and hate to feel rushed. So the desire is there but it's not the right time. And it's ok. I'm really working at accepting where I am right now. I want to be here right now, there are just always kinks to work out in every season of life.
 And I've learned to cross stitch while holding her.

Big A:
 Is awesome. Enough said.

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