Saturday, June 6, 2015

baby shower

I have the best friends ever. Seriously. They threw me and Baby Girl a baby shower. It was PINK! I love pink, so this is not a problem with me. I thought I'd share some pictures from the shower. Please ignore my facial expressions; I look silly in most of these pictures (we'll blame it on the pregnancy).

My friends, Rachel & Kim, who threw me this awesome shower to welcome our girl!

This beautiful quilt not only matches the baby's room but it was made by my good good friend/mentor, Linda.

My storytime boss, Kim, made this beautiful blanket. I love the pattern and colors. Very girlie.

The food was delicious. I could eat that popcorn every day. The watermelon was perfect. And the leftover gumballs have made the boys very happy, even if they were pink.

There was a headband making station. This girl's bald head is going to be beautiful! 

A pink ombre cake. It was SOOOOO yummy!!!

and beautiful!

Baby naming game. Not sure if we had any contenders but some good laughs for sure.

More trying to think of names. Big A's grandma came to the shower; I really appreciate her support always. It means a lot! Everyone who came (and those who couldn't make it) are so loved in my life. 

My little sister got baby the book "Vader's Little Princess." Hilarious book and the boys have read it probably 15 times each since getting it.

My friend, Jessie, said this Avengers shirt screamed our baby as she was walking by in Target. For sure. And the boys have worked out that baby will be Wasp for Halloween. 

Baby's first dollhouse from college friends Jessica & Kate. They brought their baby boys (cousins born 20 days apart, I believe) with them. It was nice to meet their sweet guys. And Moose really wants to play with this dollhouse - this kid and baby toys that make noise.

Baby Girl got some beautiful clothes! She is going to be well-dressed.

This little doll and teether are from my friend, Judi. Very unique and so cute. So tiny!

Diaper cake made by Kim. I love diaper cakes; they are creative and functional.

My parents watched our boys while we went away for this weekend, our first "babymoon." While we were gone, she had the boys make these butterfly prints for baby's room. Not 100% sure which wall they will go on but it will be nice to have something from them in her room. Love them!

Overall, this was the nicest shower. Just fun. I got to laugh with family and friends, stuff my face with good food. I felt so loved!!

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