Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More (from messes to miracles) by Tammie Head (book review)

I'll be honest with you all; I've been in a spiritual funk lately. Both my husband and I realized that we don't feel that close to the Lord lately - not really sure why. Even one of my best friends admitted that she'd felt the same way but was very peaceful when a song had lyrics about God "still" being there. With these thoughts in my head, I began to read "More (from messes to miracles)" by Tammie Head.

Who doesn't want more? And more of the One who made "everything and everyone" (as my children pray every meal)?! Even better.
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I felt a connection with this author, Tammie Head. I understand some of her past and she seems very authentic in her faith. She just spoke some words (wrote some words?) that pierced my heart. She spoke about how self-centered/egotistical we can become; like our lives revolve around us and only us. "We focus on ourselves, we focus on our problems we focus on our pasts, we focus on our fears, we focus on our failures, we focus, focus, focus, on everything but Christ." Phew! Anyone else look around to see if it's just them?! Well it must not be if it's written in plain English in a book! She goes on, "Then, we wonder why our faith isn't working. And why we're such a mess. Our eyes are fixed on the wrong things! Somewhere we quit beholding Jesus. It's time to look back up." The weight that came off of my shoulders as I read this, I tell you what. Just to come to an understanding that my feeling far from the Lord is probably a lot to do with my focus!

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I feel a lot like Head where she claims she was so busy inside the church that she wasn't connecting with people (and connecting people with Jesus) outside of the church. I'm honestly not that involved at the moment in a church ministry, but I have spent time reading books and the Bible and watching studies but not connecting to people. The Bible says without love we are a resounding gong. I feel that in my life because, not only have I not been loving people, but I've hardly noticed them to love!

There were other gems in this book but I would love for you to consider reading it yourself. The format could kind of jump around but I never felt it was spacey, just intentional. I just felt a burden lifted as I continued to read through the book. It pointed me back to Jesus, back to the Bible, back to basics. Sometimes when we're mature enough to go on to the "meaty" stuff, we still need to go back to drink the "milk" to continually fill up on that Living Water.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. Others' opinions may vary from my own.

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