Tuesday, March 17, 2015

it's a.....

This time around, we decided to find out the gender of our baby. Actually, I decided to and Big A knew I couldn't keep that news to myself so he agreed graciously.

We took the boys to the ultrasound and they did good for about 15 minutes. It was a long session because the computer froze on the poor tech. No big deal, we got to see our baby.


little fist

big ol' foot, definitely ours

Then we decided to have her tell just us, the parents, not the kids. We wanted a fun way to tell the boys. Being that we live in a small town with not any real shopping opportunities, we decided on tinting ice cream.

We started by having the boys choose which they thought baby was. They each chose a girl. They are logical "we have a brother."

Then I tinted the ice cream. Ice cream, not glop.

Which will it be?!

It's a girl!!!

Since our announcement, I've had many good-hearted people say things like "oh I'll bet you are so excited for a girl." Yes, I am. But to be fair, I would have been just as tickled to have another boy added to our family. 

I keep joking about needing to learn about frills and bows and braids and such. So many have said, "oh just let her grow up with swords and capes." Well, that's kind of the plan. She has to learn to fit in with us, but we also have to learn to fit into her. I'm sure she'll be a little bit girly and a little bit not. I don't mind which way she bends. Although, I like pink so there will be plenty of pink "vomited" on her as my sister has mentioned. :) 

Now our prayers go back to what they always have been, health and safety. I'm in my 22 week (wow) and feeling really good. Nausea is pretty much past (although smells still continue to be a weakness - dish soap, unspecified food smells like at potlucks or after you've used your crockpot, lavender essential oil which I called death last night). I ran last week, I'm not sure if I will again because it just wasn't much fun and I run because it's fun for me. I will continue to walk. This week with spring break (and high winds) it's harder but I will trek on.

I'm feeling very blessed with people sharing their baby things with us. It's so nice to be in community like we are!

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