Thursday, January 15, 2015

double dog dare

My friend Evi has been so challenging, convicting, and heart-wrenching in my life. I love her so much and wish I saw her more. And now she's challenging me to be more grateful through her blog, Gratitude Gal. It's fabulous; she has a wonderful writing style that makes me jealous.

Her post today was about how she's had a rough week but found some highlights, like Michael Keaton's Golden Globe acceptance speech (watch from 2:13). Then she put a few dares on her blog for us/me. I'll answer one today.

  • Dare Choice 1: Write down three things that have deep meaning in your life.  When something goes wrong today (as it probably will), shift your thoughts back to your list.
Dare Choice 1:

#1: Redemption: I could have nothing else and only have redemption from Christ's sacrifice on the cross. That would be enough. When I leave this world, I am going to heaven with my Father. When I truly let this sink in....truly, then what else can I complain about? 

#2: Marriage: I didn't understand marriage when I got married. I didn't fully understand the vows. The sickness and health. The for richer or poorer. Mind you, neither of us has been very sick. Nor have we been very, very poor. And yet I have found great examples of godly sacrifice, selflessness, and peace through the times in our marriage that have not been butterflies and rainbows. My husband is a shining example of a godly man. His name could be in Hebrews 11. He'd deny this, too, which makes him even sweeter. He's not my idol; I've seen his flaws, too. And yet, he has the most childlike faith I've seen and when I have doubts or am far from Christ, I know I merely need to follow his example to find Him for that's who Big A follows.

#3: Motherhood: This long-winded word that has been since almost the world began has changed my life. It does not come naturally to me. You don't find me cooing and coddling and playing on knees all day with my children. I've worked very hard at being a good mom - and I've failed a lot (don't we all?). I've also come to terms that it's good to fail. It keeps me humbled. It keeps me from having a big head. It keeps me on my toes. It keeps me close to God. I love my sons and this little guy or gal growing deep inside. I love them even when they make me sick (baby) or drive me nuts. I love them fiercely with a love I didn't know I could have. I didn't grow up wanting to be a mom. I assumed I'd have children but didn't give it much thought. And then it was thrust at me. I've had many a curveball in my 7 years of motherhood. I've said and done regretful things. I've also said and done many beautiful things. I didn't know motherhood would speed up time either. Yet 7 years seems like the blink of an eye. Long days, short years. So true. I wouldn't trade a minute of it....except perhaps the vomiting pregnancy moments. :) 

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