Stolen by Katariina Rosenblatt, PhD (book review)

I think sex trafficking is getting a lot of media attention these days - but it's not enough because it's still out there. I will always remember hearing that the Super Bowl attracts the biggest number of human traffickers during that time - and that just sickens me. That people can do that to other people - sell them in the modern-day slave trade. That's what this is: slavery.

Slavery. Can you believe that?! In today's world there is slavery everywhere; I doubt one area is immune. It's not just in big, foreign cities. I think the book "Stolen" by Katariina Rosenblatt, PhD, very clearly shows that it's happening in our back yards.
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Katariina was taken into trafficking scenarios several times during her teenage and young adult years. She escaped, which is almost unheard of in trafficking scenarios. I related to Katariina in this book during her teenage years. She came from a broken home (I did not) that left her with very low self-esteem. I came from an average American home with a married mom and dad. My dad was nothing like her dad but I was still that same kind of person she was. I held myself in no esteem. I was lonely and I wanted love and friendship. I could have easily fallen into the trap(s) that Katariina and hundreds of other young boys and girls (yes boys, too) fall into.

I'm thankful for people like Katariina that come out with their tales of horror and abuse. Because with those stories comes empowerment for others to get out of that way of life. There can be life after trafficking, being victimized. Any victim that stands up for him or herself is a hero.

I have recently partnered with The Butterfly Project through First Love Ministries ( They have an orphanage in the Philippines and this orphanage takes in girls that are taken from brothels and other trafficking situations. They are in need of sponsors for these girls - it's not free to run such a lovely ministry. Please contact me through my blog if you'd like more information about this ministry.

Anyway, so this book was really personal for me. I am so thankful that trafficking was not my fate and I pray it's not the end fate of many people involved. I pray that they can find the Lord and know His love and peace that surpass all understanding.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. Others' opinions may vary from my own.


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