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The Berenstain Bears God Shows the Way by Stan and Jan Berenstain with Mike Berenstain (book review)

I love the Berenstain Bears, even more since I read Jan and Stan's biography. However, I've loved learning about Weekends at Grandma's, Bullying, the In-Crowd, Trick-or-Treating, the New Baby, and all of the beloved Berenstain Bears books since I was a little kid. Now I'm passing on that love to my children. The only thing better than passing down classics is passing down new classics with God in mind.

The Berenstain Bears have always been moral books but I love the new Living Lights series that quotes Scripture and teaches moral lessons with a biblical worldview. I love hearing Mama Bear speak God's Words and the kids learning that God is the creator.
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"God Shows the Way" is a 3-in-1 book that has these titles: "Faith Gets Us Through," "Do Not Fear, God is Near," and "Piggy Bank Blessings."

In "Faith Gets Us Through," the Cub Scouts and Papa go through Spooky Cave. Luckily, they've brought their faith because when they get lost, they get scared, but they find that God is with them, watching over them wherever they are.

Our little Squirt is scared of the dark and screams when he's left in his room alone (even in broad daylight), so "Do Not Fear, God is Near" really spoke to our hearts. Sister Bear has overcome many fears since being a little cub but is still scared of spooky shadows. With a little wisdom from Papa Bear and knowledge that God is always near, can she overcome this fear? I sure hope so because I pray for Squirt a lot about his fear of the dark. I think this book really showed him that he's not alone. I've heard him say something like that a lot since we read it. "And when I'm in my room and my brother leaves, I won't be scared because God is always with me." So sweet!

"Piggy Bank Blessings" rounds out the trio of stories as Mama Bear teaches the cubs about saving their money for something special. But when she finds their bank broken open, does she trust their judgement on what to buy? It's a good lesson as my kids have banks (jars) for their money and we allow them to save up for things.

I love the Berenstain Bear classic books but am really excited to share these Living Light series books with them, too.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. Others may or may not share my opinions.

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