Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Star Wars

It started about a year ago when I watched the original (albeit newly remastered - hey, it was on a garage sale) Star Wars trilogy with my boys. They could have cared less except it was tv. The past year has mostly been about superheroes. And I know the difference between the Marvel and DC Universes. I do. And most of my friends think I'm a little crazy (unless we're playing Jeopardy and it's a superhero question - bring it on!).

But my friend Erin gets it. Hilarious as I was getting on here to write about how much my children love Star Wars, I click on the blogs I follow and see Erin has written about this very thing.

So my kids didn't really care about Star Wars even when we had a Star Wars themed birthday party for them. And then the library kicked in and we started to read books about them. My husband likes to say that if we have 30 books checked out from the library, 25 of them are Star Wars. I'm talking Level 1-4, craft books, movies, pop up books, board books. We know our Star Wars. I don't think my boys quite know the weapons as well as Erin's boys but I love hearing them talk about Wookies and Ewoks and X-Wings and AT-ATs.

It's a language I'm learning along with them because I, like Erin, want them to know I love them. If my boys weren't in to Star Wars, we'd still love superheroes and read superhero books and watch 60s superhero tv shows (which we still do some but it's secondary right now). I want my boys to know that as they grow, I'm interested in what they're interested in. Some day that may be baseball or soccer or golf (oh dear) or writing or an instrument or something else entirely.

So for now, dear friends, if you have Star Wars trivia questions bring them on because that's what we're in to these days.

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