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Noah the movie (review & GIVEAWAY)

I have posted about Noah (starring Russel Crowe) and then stopped when it got really controversial. Then I was asked to review the movie and host a giveaway. Well, all this controversy got me curious and I asked Big A about whether I should watch it. He said yes, for entertainment. So I just want to preface this review by saying this movie is purely entertainment and very very very very very loosely based upon biblical and historical accuracy (very very loose). Noah has an interpretive spirit to it that made me talk a lot during the whole movie (what? How did that...? That didn't....), probably to Big A's dismay (just kidding, he's used to me talking during movies).

There are things I like about this movie (the cast!) and things I definitely disagree with. Disclaimer: spoilers ahead.

I do not like how God is portrayed as unfeeling, uncommunicative (silent), unmerciful. When the Fallen Angels/The Watchers want to help man after the fall, God said no so they went against him and were cast in stone bodies. No, sorry, Fallen Angels fell because they followed Satan not because they were compassionate. And if Tubal-Cain were really wanting to speak with God, God would communicate with him. Just as He does today to those who truly seek Him.

I do not like how environmental the movie is. Don't get me wrong, I think we need to take care of our earth, but I don't love animals or trees more than I love people. Noah saying the ark is meant to save the innocent, the animals. Oh dear. God loved HIS PEOPLE so much that He told Noah to build the ark. He didn't want to destroy his loves like that but the sin was just unbearable. I'm sure it was so hard on God to give those orders but what people usually don't understand is how holy God is. He is holy and our sin makes us unholy - only by the sacrifice of Jesus' blood on the cross can we be made righteous enough to have a relationship (to be reunited) with God. God remembered Noah on the ark, not the animals (Genesis 8:1).

I don't pretend to know what the earth looked like during Noah's day - perhaps man mined it to death, but in Luke it does say that in Noah's time up until the flood people were having weddings and going about business as usual, so I think this devastation, too, was interpretive on the producer's account to add to the environmental elements at play in the film.

What has bothered me most is the lack of relationship between Noah and God. The Bible says Noah found favor with God and that he walked in close fellowship with God (KJV says he walked with God). So many times in Genesis 6-9 the Bible says "God said" so God did not speak in vague visions but in words with Noah. Noah was also a prophet of God, telling those around him that the end was near (this is shown in the New Testament).

I do like that it's made me (and hopefully others) want to go back and re-read the story of Noah to find out what the real story is. It's made me think about my sin and how it does make me evil and that only Christ's blood can cover my sin. I pray these are the same thoughts going through other minds as they watch the movie. And now you'll get a chance to see the movie for yourself!

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this movie in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own and others may or may not share them. EDITED TO ADD.

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I would love for Redeeming Love (based on Hosea) to be made into a movie!

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