Tuesday, August 26, 2014

first day of school 2014

 I, for one, was ready for the first day of school. Not that I didn't enjoy summer. Not that I don't enjoy my children. I love them steadfastly and fiercely, but we were all ready for school to start.

Now, my family has prayed every year about how to handle school - homeschool, online school, public school. And each year we believe that this has been the answer. Who knows if we're right or wrong but we feel like our school can be part of our mission field - there are staff members and classmates who need to know the love of Christ, too.

Anyway, we were especially excited about our teachers this year. We didn't know the teachers going in to last year, but they turned out to be fabulous. We have the advantage of going to the same church as both of our teachers this year, so that's great! We've been blessed to have Christian teachers every year (so far) - how many people in America can say that today?!

Squirt's teacher is a friend of mine's mother and she's the most bubbly thing ever. And super crafty. I wish I'd taken some pictures of her adorable classroom but know this; she upholstered a computer chair to match and made the cutest ottoman seats from milk crates. He's going to fit right in!

Moose's teacher - oh goodness, how people have gone on and on about how wonderful she is when I say that's who he'll have this year. She has a heart that I'm excited to get to know more. She has the discipline and routine that will serve beneficially to Moose. I'm so thrilled about this. And her theme is cowboys - adorable. Race cars would better fit Moose but oh well. LOL

Last year on their birthdays, I decorated their door/hallway like above and below. They wanted me to do it again this year and I forgot for Moose so didn't do it for Squirt either. So I did it for the first day of school. Don't let the colors fool you - it's not Christmas yet!

Moose is dead set on this race car driver thing. I need to get him behind the wheel of a go-kart or bumper car or something. And 2nd grade?! Wasn't I just dropping you off at preschool?!

Squirt in kindergarten. He wants to be a superhero - which he then qualified as a Jedi superhero. I am so excited for him to learn so much this year, especially for someone else to teach him to tie his shoes. haha!

Moose practically dragging his lunchbox down the hall. He's all the way at the end so it's an easy find. He hasn't let me walk him to class at all. I guess my boy's growing up - and isn't that the point?!

Squirt walking in. He wanted to go by himself and I was like "um...can't you walk in by yourself tomorrow?" I've walked him in twice now and twice by himself. His room is Moose's kindergarten room too so he really does know his way, but it's hard to see your baby walk in all big.

And I was emailed this adorable little picture from the first day. Sock monkeys and polka dots - that's the classroom scheme. So cute. I wish I was a kindergartener.

When do your kids start back to school? Are you glad (if they go away to school) or sad? And don't feel judgement from me on either side - I think it's your choice and emotions don't tell how we love our children! I was glad and sad and I always will be!

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