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A Perfect Pet for Peyton by Rick Osborne & Gary Chapman (children's book review)

A long time ago, I read "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. I learned my love language is (or was, at least) Words of Affirmation and my then-boyfriend's (now husband's) is Physical Touch. It's perfect that our boys are so sweet to their mama and they love to wrestle with their daddy.

I've waited a good long while to learn my children's love languages and "A Perfect Pet for Peyton" by Rick Osborne and Gary Chapman is a great opportunity to learn more about their love languages.

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The book was a little wordy for us; we don't usually read such long picture books, but we took it a few pages at a time and I'm certainly glad we did. It was a great little story about a set of twins having a birthday party at Mr. Chapman's Perfect Pet Emporium. I sure wish there was such a place filled with awesome animals and adventures for kids (I can't imagine the cost of that though! Do I sound like a parent enough?).

At the end of the party, Mr. Chapman tells each kid which animal would work well with their love language. If you're unfamiliar with the love languages they are:

- Gifts
- Words of Affirmation
- Physical Touch
- Quality Time
- Acts of Service

While you may think that you know how to love your family, I really suggest you read either this book or the other Love Language books because it does matter that you love them, but how can you love them BEST?! I can say nice things to my husband all day, but without physical touch he's not getting loved the best. 

There's a quiz in the back of "A Perfect Pet for Peyton" to help you realize your child's love language. I'm planning to take this quiz after school today, but I think that my children's love languages are:
Moose - physical touch or words of affirmation
Squirt - physical touch or gifts

I'm excited to learn more and I'm so thankful I got the opportunity to read "A Perfect Pet for Peyton."

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own and others may or may not agree with them.

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