Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8 years in love

 8 years ago today,
this kid

and this kid

decided to say yes.

Yes to love.

Yes to commitment.

Yes to God.

They didn't know the trials and struggles that awaited them.
The job losses, the sleepless nights of parenting, the arguments over stupid things forgotten, the times of sickness and health, of running 10 miles together in horrible heat and humidity.

They only knew the feel of butterflies, the soft kisses, the sweet nothings, the small palm held in the big palm.

They only knew their dreams. 
They didn't know those dreams would be dashed for better ones of God's planning.

If they'd known then what they knew now, would it be worth it? 
The hard times?
The tears?
The fights (and yelling)?

Would he have asked?
Would she have said yes?

Would they have said 'I do'?

I sure hope so.
Had they not, they would have missed out on so much.
God's blessing of one another.
God's blessing of their marital bed.
God's blessing of their children.
God's blessing of his peace.

Sure, other paths would have turned out fine but this path, this rollercoaster, has been fun, fulfilling, not perfect but perfectly imperfect. 

Thanks, Big A for asking me to be your wife. I think the best choice I ever made was saying "yes." 

Happy anniversary!

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