Happy 7th birthday to my Moose!

July has really snuck up on me this year and all of a sudden, summer is half over and my boy is another year older. In this past year, Moose has...

- lost 4 teeth
- switched allegiance from Robin to Spiderman
- passed the 1st grade
- learned to whistle
- become a pro at drawing Mickey jumping
- wrote several letters (addresses too)
- grown several inches
- been loved another year more

Moose 2007
 Sweet baby boy who isn't a baby any longer,
 Thanks for loving God and wanting to please him. Thank you for listening (mostly) to Dad and Mom and snuggling with us. Thank you for sharing (kind of) with your brother and continuing to learn to be gentle with him.
 May this next year hold wonderful blessings for you as you continue to learn and grow and thrive. We could not imagine our world without your beautiful smiling (semi-toothless for now) face.


Moose 2014 
our toothless wonder :)


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