Adventure Bible for Early Readers, NIVr (book review)

My boys and I have slowly (very slowly) been making our way through Luke in the Bible. Honestly, it's taken us months due to my inconsistency. Well, that happens but we had a breathe of fresh air when we received the Adventure Bible for Early Readers (NIrV) to continue our journey through Scriptures.

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I'll be honest that I'm not a huge fan of the wording. I think kids are able to pick up on more of other Bible translations than we think, but I do like that it's kind of a stepping stone into "real" Scripture (not saying this is "fake" but I just don't know how better to explain) between a children's Bible and an adult Bible. It's just not my cup of tea but I think my kids listen to it a little more in this translation.

The Bible itself has some neat features like the Live It! sections that are like very small devotionals to go with parts of Scripture. The Words to Treasure snippets make for good memory verses. I really enjoy the Life in Bible Times parts because I like to learn about others' lives in history or other parts of the world so learning, for instance, about what Israelites did for a living (farming) or to learn more about What God is Like through the Psalms in ways that are better understood by my little ones, is meaningful to me.

There are a few thicker, colored pages in this Bible that have some neat features. One is "How to Pray" and I think that's great because prayer is something that does not come naturally for me and I'd love to better teach my kids that prayer does not have a cookie cutter fit. There are times to pray out loud, other times to pray quietly in your head. Sometimes you need to sit, other times to stand, other times to bow down. Just I like that they have given guidelines that are open to teaching about prayer in this way. I also like the poem called "The 12 Disciples" that helps them learn who is who (12 isn't a lot but they are easily confused).

I really like this Bible and plan to continue to read through with my boys.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own, although others' opinions my differ. 


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