Pookie's graduation

I have two sisters: one older by 23 months, one younger by 6 years. In the 10 years I've been out of high school (where has that time gone?), my little sister and I have gotten much closer than we were while I was living at home. It helps that we no longer share a bed (like we did for several years on the bottom bunk), room, bathroom, town. Strange how distance can sometimes create closeness.

Anyway, my sister has overcome quite a bit to become the woman she is today. She had some learning disabilities that required her to study much harder than I ever did to receive not quite the merits I did. I'm not saying she's dumb because, despite her blond moments that we share, she is quite smart. And she is passionate. She began to study American Sign Language as a foreign language at our shared high school. After some instances of bullying (and lack of administration movement in this area), she decided to transfer schools oddly to our rivaling school. At this school, she was allowed to pursue that passion started in ASL.

She took that passion and has ran with it. She recently graduated with her Associates Degree in American Sign Language Interpreting. I think there's a more formal name for her degree, but I am just too lazy to find the program to tell you. Basically she can go out and find a place that needs an interpreter - whether that's a school or hospital or conference and sign for those who aren't able to hear. She has some more schooling to complete that will take her to a more specialized area of study, but I'm really excited for her!

I'm excited to see where she ends up. Whether that is as a professional in a school district or as an EMT in a community with a need for an interpreter or if she follows me and becomes a stay-at-home mom (some day in the distant future) or if she does something crazy! She just has grown up a lot and sometimes I forget that (sometimes I think she forgets that, too).

I pray the Lord blesses her as she continues to grow closer to Him. I pray she can connect with a church as she moves and finds a place where she can really dig deep into the Word and in fellowship with Him. I pray her boyfriend comes to love the Lord like that, too. I pray that they can build a life together and give me many nieces and nephews! :)

Overall, I just wanted to share her hard-earned achievements with you guys. She's awesome and I'm so proud of her.

And some funny pictures of the boys!


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