Monday, June 23, 2014

best surprise EVER!

Yesterday I was going to Facetime with my big sister, Amber, around 1:30 - sometime after church. We were all sitting at our kitchen counter, eating lunch, when I saw a couple of people coming up our driveway. I'm thinking "who is that? Were we expecting someone and I forgot?" The girl was looking down when I looked out and it looked like this gal we go to church with so I thought 'huh, she changed out of her dress..."

Then she looked up and I freaked out. I don't think I freaked out that much but Big A says it sounded like someone got hit by a car I freaked out. I ran to our front door, unlocked it, opened it, and ran barefooted to the open arms of....

my big sister! All the way from England. She flew across the "pond" to surprise her husband (who's working back home for the summer), her in-laws, our parents, our other sister, and me. And probably some other of her various family members.

like how we match? yeah we planned that. not.

But she got me. Oh my heavens. Lord, this was the best surprise gift ever! No joke.

The boys with their Titi Amber

The boys with their Uncle Nate
The visit wasn't long (are they ever?!) but it was, just oh so good. Seriously. We packed it in and Squirt showed off his reading skills (he read her a Level 3 book - very long but she seemed to love it), Moose showed off his newly lost front tooth and swimming skills (on the floor - very cute). We just talked about the weather there and here, how she pulled off her surprise, how a friend of theirs met Kate and William (yeah, the royal parents!!), um...gosh so much. I got to show her our home for the first time.

It's just good to see someone you haven't seen in so long and whom you last saw at a funeral. Goodness me, it was nice to see her. I can't wait to see her again!

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