Thursday, May 22, 2014

last day of school 2014

Oh dear, how did it become May? Wasn't it just August and school was starting? Times seems to zip on by when you want it to at least slow a little.

Today I sent my baby to his last day of preschool. *sigh* In 30 minutes, I will no longer be a mother of preschoolers. In a few hours, I will be the mother of a second grader.

I am so thankful for how this school year has progressed. Each year it's difficult for me, especially with Moose. Not knowing what they learn or who they talk to or who's nice to them (who they're nice to). Just difficult for this mama, but I've prayed about this and know this is where they are supposed to be for now.

And we have an amazing school system here. Teachers and paras and staff that LOVE my children. This has never seemed like a place where these are just people doing their jobs; it always has felt like my children are getting the best care. The principal always says hi to my kids and myself and makes chit chat. The secretary is so sweet and always willing to point me in the right direction. The specials classes (art/pe/music) teachers are amazing! The paras go the extra mile to make my child feel worthwhile. The special ed teacher - if I didn't know better, I'd think mine was her only charge. I am not kidding you about our school; it's great.

I am pleased as punch with the progress my children have made. I now have two reading children (reading well children), my little guy can zip his coat, my big guy can hold a very small conversation. My youngest still doesn't speak 100% correctly but he no longer qualifies for speech. My big guy rarely goes to the special ed classroom and has done well without paras when he's needed to. I've seen a vast improvement in friendships, which speaks volumes to the culture created in his classroom this year.

I am looking forward to next year so much, but it's always a little sad for me to take the next step.

And to answer the popular question "what will you do with all of your children in school," the answer is the same thing I've done this year. I will continue my storytime job until it's no longer fun. And I've tried to switch the hours so I can be home more and be more productive here (which will also include much needed reading time and movie watching time - don't judge me because you're jealous of the naps I can take). Big A and I have talked about this a lot and until we NEED another paycheck, we're very happy with me staying home.

I did not like staying home when I first started; I loved being with Moose but not so much stuck in the same place all the time. However, I have truly started to love being home. Maybe because this is finally our house not a rental but I think I've just grown into this chosen occupation.

Happy last day of school!!!

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